Daily Planets

January 21, 2019

Yesterday I posted something about this afternoon’s Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse. There is, however, much more to this Full Moon than just the, well, Full Moon. And please, don’t read into that any implications that this is a “bad” eclipse. It’s more that there’s a lot going on around it. And the aspects that are going around it are contradictory in nature.

In one corner we have the two malefics squaring off against each other and in the other, the two benefics shaking hands. In between we have the lunar eclipse.

Rather than trying to piece all of this together, let’s break it down.

Venus square Neptune

This aspect is exact an hour before the eclipse and is occurring at 14 Sagittarius/ Pisces respectively.

Despite being a square aspect this one isn’t malevolent in itself. Sure it could bring tests of a relationship nature, but any relationship that can’t deal with this sort of test probably had more romance rather than reality as its base.

Under this influence, as the boundaries between reality and fantasy are blurred, illusions and delusions are common. Like me believing that losing 10 kgs before I go to NZ in March is a realistic target. Please don’t burst my bubble.

We all do it – daydream, that is – and you know what? There’s nothing wrong with that. Where is it written that one should live 24-7 in the real world? I should know – I write romantic fiction – hey, I’m in the business of creating, articulating and encouraging fantasies.

Sure today you may be just a tad idealistic and unrealistic in your romantic dealings. Sure you may put the object of your affection up on a pedestal that no mortal can possibly stand on for long. And if you fall in love now? Be aware that this transit can bring out the unattainable, the short term and the impossible. Love affairs that commence now will probably be romanticized. It doesn’t mean that they won’t last, just that there could be a touch of fairy dust about them and sometimes that doesn’t translate to the real world.

At the very least this aspect stimulates the imagination, sends off sparks of creativity, inspiration and artistic temperament. And, as we’re moving deeper into Aquarian territory, that isn’t a bad thing.

Mars square Saturn

This one is exact about 6 hours after the eclipse – and occurring at 13 Aries/Capricorn respectively – but the energy is definitely with us throughout the day. 

Mars and Saturn were referred to by traditional astrologers as the malefics – with Saturn being the “greater” malefic and Mars the “lesser” malefic. Whichever way you want to position it, the term malefic wasn’t one that was used kindly.

Each of these planets are in the signs that they rule so are operating from a position of strength and more likely to hold their ground. 

In many ways this one could be a tad like being between a rock and a hard place – two terms that are the same but different. Like assertion and aggression, courage and facing your fear, strength and resilience. 

Mars and Saturn aspects are generally about caution, and often about fear. The advice is that instead of charging off you proceed slowly, and if you’re making excuses, ask yourself whether it’s because you’re scared. Be honest.

Another thing that can get thrown up under this aspect is problems with superiors – or, rather, people who might be in a position of authority over you. Again, though, this mightn’t be unreasonable – it could just appear so. Again, be honest.

Venus conjunct Jupiter

If Mars and Saturn are the malefics, Venus and Jupiter are the benefics – which is pretty much the opposite. They’re said to being benefits and good things. And, given that they’re meeting up in Sagittarius, the sign ruled by Jupiter, you’d be forgiven for thinking that there’s the potential for very good things indeed.

Generosity, luck, good fortune, pleasure, abundance, optimism, warmth – all words associated with each of these planets. 

It’s a good day, relatively speaking, for moods, relationships, social occasions and celebrations.

And, here’s the weird thing – all of this is just 24 hours after the eclipse and the Mars and Saturn thing.

So what’s going to happen over the next couple of days? Who knows? I certainly don’t. If I was a weather forecaster I’d say partly cloudy, with the likelihood of storms followed by sunny breaks. You could be needing both an umbrella and sunscreen…