January 2, 2019

Moon in Scorpio

Sun conjunct Saturn

I don’t know about you, but here in Chez Tracey there hasn’t been a whole lot of productivity happening over the last couple of weeks – and that’s okay, it’s the holiday season. Plus, I’m on leave from the day job until next week.

Things though are now starting to get a tad more serious. I’ve had my days faffing about in the pool and reading – or reading in the pool – and done very little apart from a few yearly bloggy round-ups and more than my fair share of baking. Today, however, I’ve marked in my diary to start back at work ie my work. I’ve set myself targets around both my writing business and my astro and it’s way past time to get serious. And yes, it is possible for someone with my amount of Pisces to get serious about business.

Today seemed the perfect kick-off point with the Sun and Saturn joining forces, Mars newly in Aries and the Moon intensely focused in Scorpio. No excuses.

Part of me wants to make excuses though – it’s far easier than doing the work. Over the last few days, I’ve seen no few than 6 articles explaining why it’s pointless to make resolutions and goals at this time of the year. How they’re bound to fail. One went as far as saying that 1 in 5 resolutions will fail within a week, 40% have admitted failure by the end of January, and 60% by mid-year…with the rest telling porkie pies (lies) about their success.

When you read this litany of results, it’s no wonder we set ourselves up to fail – or worse, to believe that it’s not worth starting in the first place. Instead, we dwell not on our achievements, but what we didn’t achieve, beating ourselves up along the way and telling ourselves that if we’d only worked harder, tried harder, (insert excuse or blame of choice)… It’s an easy trap to fall into – especially at this time of the year.

Sun-Saturn connections can be a time of caution, of waiting and seeing, of restraint. It can be a time where you hold onto old patterns and deeply ingrained fears that prevent you from moving forward. On the flip side, you can use this as motivation for growth and direct you towards your goals.

What do I mean by this? Pretty well if you can move past the paranoia and the blah of standing still and the voices in your brain telling you that you’re unworthy and what makes you think this is going to work this time when it’s never worked in the past, this aspect can provide the self-discipline and strength to move forward.

So your choice today is to hold back and look back…or to focus instead on what’s ahead. Sounds simple when you put it like that. Oh, and avoid reading all those articles that reinforce why it’s inevitable that you’ll fail.