January 14, 2019

Mercury sextile Neptune

Once upon a time in a land far far away from here…oh, I’m not telling that sort of story? Are you sure? Really? It’s just that fantasy and imagination and daydreaming is so much more interesting than any boring, detailed work today – even if Mercury is in Capricorn and we should be getting the new working year off to a business-like start.

People talk about daydreaming as if it’s a bad thing, as if you’re wasting time when you do it. The thing is, escaping from the practicalities and reality of everyday life – even if it’s just for a few minutes- can help stimulate your imagination. And when your imagination is stimulated, practical solutions to problems can also magically become clear.

Of course, though, at this time of the year those daydreams often involve fantasies of not having to get up and go to said place of work… I’ll leave that one with you…

More practically speaking, though, today isn’t about listening, it’s about listening – beyond what is said to what is not said. How do you do that? By tuning into the radar that you have that you often forget that you have. Those internal detectors that let you judge the mood of a room – or a person – without a word being uttered. Normally you’re so busy listening that you don’t really listen. Today, though, your senses could be more highly tuned than they usually are, and your imagination stimulated more than it usually is.

What today isn’t great for is any activity that requires focus and attention to detail, but if these can’t be avoided – as, indeed, sometimes these things can’t – take your time and build in sufficient buffer for the inevitable re-work.