It’s time…


Saturn conjunct Neptune

Warning: This post is longer than usual…

Ok, I’m going to talk about something that the thought of writing about made me have a sneaky little mouth vomit.

I’m going to talk about, gulp, an age thing. Given that I like to think there’ll be a cure for old age by the time I get there, that’s a big thing for me to talk about.

Actually, that’s not strictly correct, I’m going to talk about a transit that will be happening to all of us of a certain age over the next 12 months or so. I’m talking about Saturn conjunct Neptune.

Yes, I know I don’t normally write a lot about transits between inter personal (ie Jupiter and Saturn) and outer planets, but if I had a dollar for every reader who has commented, messaged or emailed with any of the following:

  • I’m having a Saturn- Neptune conjunction
  • I’ve just made it through a Saturn- Neptune conjunction
  • I’m worried- I have a Saturn-Neptune conjunction coming up

…I’d not need to be worrying so much about getting a publishing contract.

So, here’s the deal.

  • If you were born between August 1957 and January 1970 you have Neptune in Scorpio- which means that at some point before December 2014, Saturn will conjunct Neptune… possibly more than once (depending on the retrograde cycle).
  • If you were born prior to December 1961, it’s already happened.
  • This is a transit that is common to our entire generation.

Surely it’s more personal that that?


When it comes to this sort of transit- inter personal/outers or outers to outers- it’s not so much the fact that it’s happening, but where in the chart it is happening for you.

What makes it even more personal is what other aspects it’s triggering in your chart and what each of the transiting planets means to you.

Ok, let’s break it down. As Saturn is the transiting planet, we’ll deal with it first.


The essential nature of Saturn is cold and dry. In the body it represents the processes of ageing and anything of a chronic nature. The direction of the energy is limiting, confining, binding and restricting. And, not to put the frighteners out, in terms of medical astrology, Saturn is the chief disease producing planet. Eeew.

When it comes to Saturn transits you usually have a choice- do you want to be depressed or do you want to be exhausted? As I said, eeew. Make no bones about it- Saturn transits are hard- they’re designed that way. We can, however, make them even harder…

The right choice here is, you knew it, exhausted. Why? Because you’ve given it your all. Saturn transits call for serious mountain climbing and the absolute best that you can do. Go with it and while you will be exhausted, self respect will follow. Look for the easy way out and well, you’ll be left with at the least melancholia and a feeling of alone-ness.

That’s the theory.

The other thing about Saturn transits, as well as giving us astrologers the opportunity to use naff phrases like:

  • Climb a mountain
  • It’s about the journey
  • One foot in front of the other

…is that it’s a little like going to that boot camp session that you’re dreading. You think of reasons to get out of it, make excuses, procrastinate, ask whether there’s something else you can do instead- something that’s not quite so hard. But when you’re in there, it’s somehow not as bad as when it was hanging over your head…well, that’s the theory.

The other thing about Saturn is that despite everything, he’s actually focused on the future. Saturn doesn’t want you to stay the same- he wants you to mature- although I really, really hate that word…but you get the idea.


Aaah Neptune.

The essential nature of Neptune is warm and moist. The planet of deception, it’s hypnotic, pulsating and comatic in energy. Yes, you heard it, comatic. Neptune can take you to a different state of being. In medical astrology, Neptune represents those obscure and hard to diagnose ailments.

Wherever Neptune is in the chart is where you might be operating under a delusion, daydreaming, escaping. It’s where you need to learn to function intuitively. It’s where you need to learn the difference between wishes, fear and reality.

And that’s where this transit comes into play.

Saturn conjunct Neptune

I don’t know about you, but I far prefer my Neptunian illusions and dream world (hello, note my comment earlier about there being a cure for growing old) than the maturity of the real world.

And therein lies the challenging part of this transit. Of course we’re going to feel like crap when our wishes and illusions are held up to be not as real as we may have thought. Of course we’ll have doubts and question what we’re about and what our dreams really mean.

The thing is, in true Neptune fashion, things are not as bad as they seem- we just think they are…at the time. Of course we feel this way- we might be feeling as though our dreams will never come true.

In seeing through the fog, we’re also able to see the irrationality in fears and put structures in place to make our dreams real- a little like when you take a bucket list item out of the bucket and bring it onto the table. You’re taking a dream and making it real. Whether you do anything about it is, of course up to you.

Once something is out of the bucket, it can’t go back. It can, however, be built and given form. Fairy dust, however, is not the main ingredient. Not this time.

You might tell me that you’ve done the work, that you’ve let go of what you need to, but have you really? Have you really done everything, stripped yourself bare- metaphorically speaking? I know I haven’t. Not really.

Naturally there’s a health warning with this transit as well, and you know what? At our age (I can say that because all of us having this transit are, by definition, of a certain age) we should be getting regular scans and check ups as a matter of course.

Does this mean that all of us will come down with some obscure, chronic difficult to diagnose until it’s too late type of disease? Hardly- imagine the strain on the medical system if that were the case! It is, however, better to be proactive about these things rather than wait until it’s too late.

I have Saturn in the 1st house, so as I’ve said before, all Saturn transits have an impact on my health and body. I will be taking my head out of the neptunian sand and getting in for some long overdue check-ups.

Not all Saturn-Neptune Transits are created equally

I know I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again.

Your Saturn-Neptune transit will depend on:

  • What house natal Neptune is in- this is where Saturn is transiting and where you’ll find the big picture behind the transit.
  • What house natal Saturn is in.
  • What houses are ruled by Saturn and Neptune.
  • How Saturnian are you? How Neptunian are you? Generally those who are more Neptunian than Saturnian will have a tougher time of this transit. If you don’t know where you fit, check out this post.
  • What aspects are made by Neptune- all of these will be activated by the transit. Eg in my case Neptune forms the top part of a kite. The Saturn conjunction with Neptune will activate this. And, by the way, I choosing not to see that as a Bad Thing. Thankfully this time around trines and sextiles are involved.

This post has a refresher for analysing Saturn transits…

The Good news

Remember- if you’re reading this now, you’ve been through it before- 28 years ago…last time Saturn was in Scorpio.

I don’t know about you, but the dreams I put structure around at 18, are very different to the cycle I’m starting now…

The title is from Imagine Dragon’s song It’s Time… it feels right. Here’s the link.