it’s pandemonium….


I have special ring tones set up for those people that I’ll always answer the phone to.

My husband gets the guitar riff from Wolfmother’s Joker and the Thief, my daughter gets the theme music to Hawaii 5-0, and my Bon Jovi loving BFF has Living on a Prayer.

My Aries BMF, though, gets the chorus from Pet Shop Boys Pandemonium.

Oh no look what you’ve gone and done…

It suits him.

It suits Aries.

This post is for him, so I’ll keep it brief- partly because he has a short attention span (did that come out loud?) and partly because you can find the full version here.

Aries is the warrior

Whether it’s a boardroom, a battlefield, a sporting event, a cause, an argument, a business, a damsel in distress, Aries will charge in and try and save the day. he also knows when it’s best to retreat and fight a different battle.

Aries is wilful

Not stubborn, as such, but wilful…ever tried moving a ram that doesn’t want to be moved? I rest my case.

Aries needs space

That spark won’t blaze without room to move. Don’t try and hold him too close- it gets way too hot for comfort. Besides, the flame will be smothered and where’s the interest in that?

Aries is irresistible

What can I say? The stars and the sun dance to your drum…

Aries is energising

Energy breeds energy…right? Being with Aries is like a shot of pure adrenaline- energising and uplifting.

Aries is charismatic

Just like a camp fire that you can’t help being drawn to, Aries is warming, hypnotic, magnetic.

Aries is frustrating

Too much Aries can be exhausting, headache inducing (after all, Aries does rule the head) and immensely frustrating as they go from Plan A to Plan F and back again. It’s a good thing the Aries attention span is short- it gives you a break.

Aries needs attention

Flames need fuel to stay alight, and in the case of Aries, that fuel is attention and recognition. As my BMG says, ‘bring on the dancing girls and hallelujah chorus.” Too much fuel, though, and a good burn turns into an uncontrollable inferno.

Aries starts stuff

…but has a relatively short attention span, so isn’t so great at finishing long term projects…unless it’s a long term project with lots of spot fires that need fighting.

Aries burns fast

This is good if you’re on the receiving end of an Aries tantrum. Thanks to that short attention span, Aries doesn’t tend to hold a grudge…unless they have the Moon or Mars in one of those signs that does attach itself to a good grievance.

Aries is honest

Mainly because he doesn’t have the time or the inclination to be less than straight forward- Aries will always take the quickest path to wherever they need to get to. Water signs be warned- most of the time Aries has no idea that he’s upset you- he’s already moved on.

Aries likes to win

Life is a competition…isn’t it? What’s the point of playing the game (whatever the game is) if you’re not there to win it? And let’s face it, Aries loves a game, or a chase…

Aries likes to be first

What’s the point of exploring something, inventing something, finding something, whatever, if it’s all been done before?