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It’s Now or Never…

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I’ve had this song in my head for the last couple of days- Elvis’s Now or Never.

This is concerning on a number of fronts:

I’m not a fan of Elvis

  • I don’t like the song
  • The only Elvis songs I do like are Always on My Mind and Can’t Help Falling in Love With You– and even then I don’t like Elvis singing them. (In case you’re interested, Pete Shop Boys do a great version of the former, and Michael Buble or Andrea Bocelli for the latter.)

Therefore the reason I have the song in my head is obviously because of tonights eclipse.

This one is a total eclipse and, if the clouds clear here in Wellington, should be visible in an under a blood red sky kinda way just before midnight local time (here in NZ, that is…).

Ok, there’s lots of technical stuff I could tell you about lunar eclipses, but I’ve just finished a 3 hour ferry crossing and have hair to straighten before I go out. Just know this- a Lunar Eclipse is really just a super charged Full Moon- so all the normal Full Moon rules apply around interpretation…although the impact is magnified.

Now, before you check your chart and begin the panic thing that tends to accompany eclipse posts- like clasp at your chest wailing OMG I have a direct hit to my (insert planet here), I have one phrase I’d like you to repeat after me: eclipses are not necessarily Bad Things.

Also, and this is another important point, things might not necessarily Happen at an eclipse (the capital H is deliberate)…but they could trigger a series of happenings.

The key aspects associated with this one are:

  • The conjunction of the Moon with future driven, independence seeking Uranus
  • The (wide-ish) conjunction of the Sun with Venus forming an opposition that, and here’s the really important point
  • Forms a Kite pattern involving Mars, Jupiter, Uranus/Moon/South Node, Sun/Venus/North Node.

Things can happen, they can be triggered, and they have the potential to be Big.

Whenever a grand trine is involved, I have to emphasise the word potential. With trines, there can be a great deal of wasted potential- especially if you stay sitting on your comfy metaphorical couch and can’t be faffed to get up and answer the metaphorical knock on the metaphorical door.

Where Mars and Jupiter are concerned, you could be having way too much fun playing with your vision of the future than actually doing something about making it happen…you could be playing with your Warrior Woman image…which is where Pluto oh so conveniently steps in by way of a t-square.

T squares are, by nature, uncomfortable and humans are, by nature, allergic to discomfort, but by Goddess can they be Effective…with a capital E…if you’re prepared to risk some short term discomfort…

As I said- Now or Never.

Who does this affect?

The Full Moon falls at 15 Aries, so normally I’d talk about people with planets or chart points at or around 13-17 Aries, Cancer, Capricorn or Libra; and 13-17 Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius and Gemini.

This time, however, because of the aspects involved, virtually every sign will be impacted.

With the nodes at 19 Aries and Libra, take note of this degree- especially of Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn.

Me? My Midheaven is at 15 Sagittarius, so this eclipse will be triggering that. Again. No, nothing bad has happened. Yes, I’m still standing. Yes, something more subtle has definitely been triggered.

I’ve also just realised that the South Node is exactly on my natal Venus. When I mentioned that to AstroSparkles midway across the Cook Strait, she shook her head and suggested I probably should take notice.

So yes, it all feels a little now or never-ish to me too…or maybe a little Gwen Stefani? Tick tock…you know the words…

How to interpret yours? The link is here

If you want to know how this affects you personally, grab hold of one of Big Sky Astrology’s Moonshadow reports. The linky thing is here.

me writing this post at the very beautiful Museum Hotel in Wellington