It’s all in the Fine Print…

The Moon is about to move into Cancer, so any Lunar types out there, be prepared to step away from the chocolate, the fridge or whatever your personal poison is.

Cancer has an affinity with dairy foods (dare I say it, mothers milk…) and white foods or comfort foods- not all of which are great for us or suit our constitutions.  Being in the middle of an air deficiency of reasonable proportions, ie an asthma episode (thankfully not yet an all out attack), dairy is one food group that just inflames the airways even more than they are currently compromised.

Anyways, with the Moon in Cancer comes the monthly tension that is the opposition to Pluto and the square to Uranus. We’ve been over these before.

Both the Sun and Venus are both now in Virgo. Partly because this is my opposite sign and partly because Virgo has one of those shadow sides that is difficult to take irreverently, I struggle with Virgo posts each year.

I get more mails from disgruntled Virgos than any other sign (except perhaps from disgruntled Capricorns). Generally these comments are any combination of the following:

  • I’m a Virgo and I’m messy so you are talking a load of shit
  • You make out like all we want to do is be organised & I’m not like that so you are talking a load of shit
  • I am so far from trying to be perfect because I know I’ll never get there so you are talking a load of shit
  • What is wrong with trying to be perfect?
  • I don’t like work so you are talking a load of shit
  • I wouldn’t have to nag if my wife/husband/kids did what they were supposed to do the first time I asked
  • Of course I put my husband on a diet- he is unhealthy- that doesn’t mean I’m a typical Virgo, so you are talking a load of shit

I think this is largely because all signs other than the Earth signs have a shadow side that they sort of secretly take some pride in and can be laughed at. Pisces can be addictive, commitment phobic & escape artists (yep, check on each of those), Aries can be selfish and all about them, Leo loves the drama, Cancer is moody, Scorpio has a dark underbelly. But Virgo? I can’t laugh at…and before you all write in on that one too…it isn’t because I don’t think Virgo has a sense of humour… or because I think she takes herself too seriously.

Anyhow, before I get myself in any trouble, let me state the following as a precursor to all future Virgo posts:

  • I have some very good friends who are Virgos- we are often attracted to our opposites
  • Yes, I know some Virgos are not clean freaks, some can be downright untidy…but there will be some part of your life that is super organised. If we are looking at super clean freaks from an OCD control viewpoint, I’d be looking at Scorpio- especially the Scorpio Moon. Virgo doesn’t clean for control or power, but to feel organised and clean.
  • I wish I had more Virgo traits myself
  • I write in clichés and am pretty crappy at details, so if that upsets you…whatever…actually I shouldn’t say “whatever”- I am a Piscean so take everything to heart….but, whatever…just be assured that I am not intending to upset you. Phew…and I really hope you don’t hate me. How pathetic is that?
  • I am yet to meet a Virgo who didn’t want to feel useful…and no, not everyone is like that.

So, enough of the fine print, I have an even tougher job to do- go through my music collection to come up with some Virgo lyrics. My normal inspiration (Pet Shop Boys) offered up Minimal, so I went to my Facebook friends. So far the suggestions have been:

Like a Virgin (of course)

Under Pressure

And my personal favourite Creep in the nicest possible way….the line about “I want a perfect body, I want a perfect soul…”


  1. Okay, for the overspent, burned-out Virgo, the sound-track running through my head lately: Moving Pictures, “What About Me?”

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