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It’s a Love Story…


So I’m, lazy…or busy…or just spinning in a million directions. Whatever. So here’s one on Venus in Gemini I prepared (much) earlier. Venus in Gemini: use your words, love your words, live your words. It’s perfect for what I’m doing at the moment- with the existing manuscript flitting its way around to prospective publishers, I’m starting to write a new one- yep, another love story…it’s the road to publishing heartbreak, but in true Jupiter style, and in the words of George Michael, I’ve got to have faith.

Last Sunday I found myself in the rare position of having absolutely nowhere that I had to be and nothing that I had to do. Sure, there were places and things that I should have been at or should have done, but I decided instead to take a “whatever” attitude and get over the guilt. So, I got the ironing up to date and watched Absolutely Fabulous and Sex and the City.

You know how some people are convinced that there is an episode of Seinfeld or The Simpsons for every life event? I am like that with Ab Fab and SATC. I have never quite been able to decide whether Carrie in Sex and the City is Gemini or Libra. She is definitely the Air element in the show, and her love of designer clothes certainly points to Libra, but the absolute passion for words, flirtatious nature, and her eclectic taste certainly points to Gemini. Venus in Gemini likes to put together things that don’t match, but somehow work.

Anyway, there is this episode of SATC in Season 4 where Carrie is sleeping with Ray, a jazz musician with whom she is having mind-blowing sex hoping to turn it into a relationship. Ray is the quintessential Gemini- totally scatty, spontaneous, young and thrilling with severe attention deficit.  But Carrie feels the mental connection is missing and she ends the relationship when it becomes obvious that Ray has “stopped playing her and moved onto another instrument”. Walking home from what she calls ADD (Another Dating Disaster) she ponders why they call it mind-blowing sex- perhaps that level of physical connection obliterates the chance of an intellectual one? “Great sex is great, but I still like the song of a melody I can sing to”, she laments.

When Venus is in Gemini the mental connection will always be more important than the physical or the emotional or the practical. As Carrie says- “What kind of a relationship could I have with a guy I couldn’t even talk to?”  Venus in Aries (where actions speak louder than words) could manage this, possibly even revel in it, but Venus in Gemini wouldn’t last past the first night.

Venus is where we find pleasure, what we like doing and who we like doing it with. When she is in the Air signs (such as Gemini), she is social, communicative, butterfly light, and immersed in the mental- ideas, theories, logic- rather than the emotional realm of the water signs, the physical of the earth signs or the creative and movement imperative of the fire signs. When Venus is in Gemini words will make you feel good- settling down to read a book is therapeutic, but meeting your friends to talk about it is even more so.

Gemini is mutable and needs variety and flexibility. If you have Venus in Gemini, you will like to browse, like to flirt and like to chat… a lot… with lots of different people about lots of different things. You may spend more energy on the idea or concept of a relationship than on love itself.

The ideal date for someone with Venus in Gemini would be plenty of witty banter, some great conversation, perhaps some bookstore browsing or a party. Unless the variety and the mental stimulation is there, the relationship that looks good on paper won’t last beyond the first couple of dates.

Venus in Gemini also has a not undeserved reputation of being fickle. Beating the boredom is why Venus in Gemini may be able to juggle more than one partner or potential partner quite effectively. The inconstancy is also due to her search for the theoretical ideal relationship. When what looks good on paper proves quickly to not be so great in reality Venus in Gemini will move on. When your idea of a perfect relationship can change quicker than the weather changes in Melbourne, the mind (and the heart) can wander just as quickly.

A man with Venus in Gemini will be looking for a partner that has these Gemini qualities- youthful energy, busy-ness, flexibility and highly social. He wants someone with a quick wit that he can talk to and engage with on a mental as well as a physical level.

So, how do you keep Venus in Gemini coming back for more? The trick is to keep things interesting, keep them guessing, keep them curious and make sure that your cell plan involves plenty of texts.

Don’t have Venus in Gemini, but think this sounds like you? If you’re a Gemini woman, or have Venus in conjunction or easy aspect to Mercury, you’ll have some or many of these traits. If, however, you have Saturn aspecting your Gemini Venus, you may have difficulty in expressing them…just saying…