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It’ll Be Alright In The Long Run

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© Olyashevchenko |

Shake me wake me tell me it’s a dream- I’ve got a B52 on my TV screen & a man in a tie, pointing to the sky, where you gonna run to now?

I spent yesterday afternoon finishing off some work for my real (paid) job and dabbling around in my music collection and wondering where my political conscience had gone.

Once upon a time lines like

South-West Tassie’s got a dozer track and we’ll never ever get Lake Pedder back


Your life’s in a databank at ASIO

would have had me outraged and reaching for the placards…or at least piling into the benefit concert. They were singing about things that I believed in…and Uranus was tripping through my 9th house in Sagittarius :).

But now? My husband tells me it is because I have grown up and my views have matured. I counter that my views have homogenised and become conservative. I worry that my 13 year old daughter who raises her eyebrows as I pranced around the house singing lines from old Redgum songs last night (“been there done that, I’ve been to Bali too…”) has life way too easy and isn’t as aware as she should be. Husband counters that there is no possible way in our house with me as Mum that she couldn’t be aware…

Hmmm. I blame Saturn of course. Saturn isn’t know as the Time Lord or Lord of Karma or Great Maturer (actually I made that last one up) for no reason. (Personally I think his traditional role as malefic is way more appropriate in my chart)…

Whichever way you look at it, Saturn matures. He puts boundaries around things and makes you think about things like commitment and responsibility and time and structure. In view of our discussion last night, hubby has Saturn in Capricorn in the 10th. His views are mature, conservative, timely and logical. I have Saturn in Aries in the first. Mine are not…and homogeneity is something that happens to milk.

Saturn has been retrograde since late January. During this time we should have all been using the time wisely to get our Saturn shit together (see my post coincidentally titled “Getting Your Shit Together”). Specifically, with Saturn in Libra, this is all partnership and relationship related. No matter where Libra is in your chart, this overlays that area with a 7th house close partnership feel. Whatever Libra represents in your chart, relationships in this area will be testing you, causing you grief and making more demands on you.

Now as Saturn has stationed and is contemplating his next move forward, the energy is at its’ most potent. If you have planets (especially personal planets) or chart points at 9-11 Libra, Cancer, Capricorn or Aries you will be feeling this Saturn energy more than the rest of us…enjoy :).

For me, this is happening on the cusp of my 7th /8th house. Except for a brief foray into the 8th house (to remind me that I had put my tax return in for a couple of years and had a capital gains tax debt to pay…thanks for that), Saturn has been sauntering through my relationship sector for the last few years with a tie that is way too short, a green pen and an auditors pad asking me questions about my partnership that I don’t particularly want to answer.

My friend Clementine likens this process to an exam. Hopefully I have passed and Saturn will move on to start testing me on my partnerships and attitude to 8th house issues…looking forward to that one…not.

Saturn constricts rather than expands (which is why many astrologers see Saturn transits as being skinny transits…). He also tends to bring depression and sadness with him rather than optimism. Sort of like you are running on empty, come to the end of the road, are over it and can’t see any light at the end of the tunnel. The horizon is a blanket of gloom (I got this line from Redgum too…).This is especially true if the station is occurring at a sensitive point in your chart. The whole point behind this is to teach us something…sort of like growing pains for grown ups.

Weatherman on the radio said it’s gonna rain and it’s gonna blow but it’ll be alright in the long run.

While Saturn is retrograde all of this is internalised and builds within. You have the time to think and absorb. Once Saturn turns direct, intention needs to be turned into action. That means dealing with whatever it is with maturity, commitment and responsibility- whether that involves taking action to end a relationship which is no longer working or re-committing to new patterns of relating within a partnership which still has life.

If Saturn is tripping  the light fantastic (although Saturn doesn’t really “trip” anywhere) through your 1st house, this applies to your relationship to yourself, in the 3rd it may be with siblings, neighbours or patterns of communication. The 4th may be relationships with your birth family, coming to terms with personal history issues and patterns around that. Get the idea?

Saturn transits hurt, a lot. This is especially the case if your Saturn is not natally strong (take Donna Cunninghams’ Saturn quiz to check yours out…my Saturn is particularly weak). At critical points of a Saturn transit, if (like me) your temptation is to run away from whatever it is, something will be in your way. There will be nowhere left to run.

When they are done and that lead weight is removed the lightness is incredible. Like when the dust settles on heartbreak and you look back and say “what was I thinking?” or “that so was never going to work” or “you have to have your heart broken by a pratt to recognise that what you have is good”… Those who nod and smile and patronise have all been there- but long enough ago that the lesson has lessened the pain.

As for my political conscience? I think it is still there. The edges may be rounded off a little, but one other thing Saturn brings is wisdom, experience and the ability to see more than one side of an argument. But listening to my 17 year old neighbour talking about refugee and carbon tax policies and countering with my opinions on live cattle trade and uranium sales has made me realise that it does all still matter.

Doubts drop away and your hopes get higher… And the sun streams in with power and might and you look at your kids in a different light. And you know in your heart as you kiss them goodnight it’ll be alright in the long run.


Lyrics from Where Ya Gonna Run To?, ASIO and It’ll be Alright in the Long Run by Redgum- an Aussie folk band from the 1980s. Check them out on Youtube.

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