Is Bigger Better? Jupiter Transits of the First House

(Pic by me)
(Pic by me)

When Jupiter crosses your Ascendant, astrologers will smile and helpfully remind you to watch your diet and your weight for the period of that transit. There is logic in this thinking- Jupiter is an expansionary planet, it makes things bigger… and, as we know, bigger is not always better. The first house represents the physical body, your vitality, physical appearance, your first impression, your presence. The first house represents YOU and the mask you wear to face the world. So, when Jupiter transits your 1st house, it is going to want to make you, well, bigger. Yes?  Jupiter is asking you to expand yourself- just not necessarily in an outward direction!

I have mentioned before that Jupiter is very prominent in my chart. With a Pisces Ascendant, Jupiter is my Chart Ruler (traditional). As the ruler of the 10th house, Jupiter also is my career planet. Sitting in Cancer in the 5th house, Jupiter is in an exact trine aspect to the modern ruler of Pisces, Neptune. In short, whatever Jupiter does, impacts me in a pretty big way.

I have been able to track my weight fluctuations pretty closely to Jupiter transits. I have always been at my healthiest & fittest whenever Jupiter transits angular houses, and at my absolute fattest whenever he is transiting the 6th or the 12th (more on those in later posts). Looking back at the previous 2 Jupiter transits of my 1st, on each occasion it has felt as if I have come out of some sort of confinement and am unleashing a new expanded version of myself onto an unsuspecting world.

Any transit of the Ascendant is going to be hugely important, not just because the energy of the transiting planet is directly fusing with your essential energy, but also because the changes and impacts felt in the 1st house will also directly impact the affairs of the 7th (your relationships), the 10th (your career, public profile) and the 4th (your home, roots, family life). For example, changes in your appearance, self confidence or physical presence may cause friction with your partner has he struggles to integrate his vision of you with what you are becoming. It may challenge you to look upward and perhaps change the way the world sees you, which in turn will result in adjustments being required in the home- perhaps a new way of looking at work/home balance.

The last time Jupiter was in Pisces was in 1998, crossing my ascendant about 4 weeks after the birth of my daughter.  Not only was I expanded in a spiritual sense, but I was now a Mother (10th house) with all that implies. Naturally this also changed the way I was looked at from a workplace viewpoint as well. After 9 years of just “us”, my husband and I had to integrate the new reality of parenthood into our relationship (7th house) and our home life. New rules had to be determined governing work/home balance (4th house). Nothing would ever be the same again.

I dropped my baby weight quickly with daily walks and gym sessions as soon as I was able- not because I desperately wanted to drop the baby weight, but because I wanted to be busy. I am the type of person that eats to fill empty spaces. The excitement & challenge of a new baby left no empty spaces. Blessed with a bub that slept through the night from 5 weeks, I painted rooms, took up photography seriously, enrolled in evening classes to polish up my schoolgirl French, did a semester of water colour painting and basically enjoyed every minute of my maternity leave.

I did the whole Domestic Diva thing, budgeted, baked, and drove my husband mad with my need for adult conversation. In short, I took every opportunity that Jupiter threw at me. I definitely got bigger, but my body did not. The choices I made and the opportunities I took during that year formed a basis for what has happened in the last 12 years.

The advent of Sarah in my life prompted me to take a year out and make the decision to send my ambitions into a different direction until she had finished primary school (now). Once back from maternity leave I accepted a retrenchment and accepted a role with my present employer- a decision that provided financial security, yet allowed me the flexibility to still put her first.

The previous Jupiter/ Ascendant transit in 1986 saw me in my 2nd year at university. After being accepted into a professional writing/ journalism degree at Canberra University that would have seen me leave home straight out of school, I had instead allowed myself to be convinced that I should stay at home and accept the more prestigious Economics/Law degree at Sydney University as a more sensible and realistic choice. At the time the decision was being made, Jupiter was travelling through the tail end of practical Capricorn. I recall coming home after the 1st week and telling my Dad that I had made the wrong decision, but would now see it through.

That first year, while Jupiter was in the 12th, was miserable. I was unhappy with my choice and, having little interest in the subjects, struggled with the work. In order to pass I was spending more and more time in my room studying. I felt like I was in confinement. I had no social life and (by my standards at 19) felt fat (although to have that weight now would be a dream J). By the time 2nd year came and Jupiter was moving into Pisces and my 1st house, I switched all my law and accounting subjects to political science and agricultural economics and became interested again.

I also became the 1st female Rugby League (for US readers, this is like NFL without padding) Referee and was running up to 7 games a weekend- juniors on Saturdays and seniors on Sundays. What started as a challenge of sorts (my Dad had said that there was no way the establishment would ever allow a woman to get a referees ticket) became a way of making some money and the 1st step towards independence from home and family. My social life improved as did my health and fitness (1st). My public profile (10th) was altered (a certain weird sort of status associated with being “the first”) and I started my 1st serious relationship (7th).

Naturally there was friction at home (4th) as my parents did not necessarily approve of what I was doing, but I was prepared to take the risk that 12-18 months earlier I would have shrunk away from. Again, each angle was impacted and again I was set on a course of sorts. As soon as Uni finished I took up employment with a Financial Institution, moved to Canberra and shortly after, met my husband.

I have absolutely no doubt that in each of these scenarios my choices unconsciously were a good use of that Jupiter energy. Pisces is a very suggestible sign, and I could easily back in 1986 have allowed myself to continue with the path I was on. I have no doubt that I would have continued to get fatter, more miserable and more stuck. After having Sarah I could have locked myself away, and eaten for company. Instead I chose to not waste a single day.

I am now at that crossroads again. As in 1986 and 1998 I am on the brink of a new cycle. Again I am at the fattest and most unhealthiest point of that cycle and again I am at a vital career point. I can choose to fill the empty spaces with food and Nectar of the NZ Gods (wine, my personal poison) or with passion and newness and challenge.

The sign, position and relative strength of your natal Jupiter will tell you a lot about how you approach Jupiter times. Those of you with Jupiter in Pisces, Sagittarius or Cancer will tend to approach Jupiter in a more optimistic way than if you have it in Gemini or Capricorn. If Jupiter natally falls in the 1st, 7th, 4th or 10th house of your chart, you will also be impacted by this transit. If you have a lot of planets (particularly the Sun or Moon) in Pisces or Sagittarius you will be inclined to party with Jupiter and take a chance or two… and that is what Jupiter loves!

Naturally as with all transits there are some dangers associated with even the most benevolent of planets. With Jupiter in the 1st, the danger is in becoming too big for your own shoes, big headed or believing too much in your own perceived importance or invincibility. Most of us have enough Saturn to provide a safety net… but then again….

Think about your own cycles. If Jupiter is crossing your ascendant now, what was happening in your life in 1998, in 1986, in 1974 (if you can remember back that far). Are there any similarities? Did opportunities come up that for whatever reason you chose not to take? I would love to hear your stories.


  1. This is really inspiring from a new-mom standpoint too. While that’s (hopefully) still a ways off for me, I’m working on trimming back the sheer terror I feel at the idea! Thanks 😀

  2. Jupiter will be crossing my ascendant in about a month and a half. I really could use some career help. Things are very slow. I’m 26 degrees Pisces rising. In ’86 and ’98 the career was humming along. Now, I desperately need help from the cosmos in terms of career.

    My MC is 28 Sag which is ruled by Jupiter, so I have hope, but this time I really need the help.

  3. Hi Mark, Jupiter will definitely bring opportunities & will square your midheaven & will put pressure on you to do more, achieve more…but this pressure is what you put on yourself. With a Sag midheaven look for work which is flexible, varied & which MEANS something to you. You didn’t mention where your Jupiter is,but whatever sign & house that is in will have a bearing, as will the sign & location of your Sun. Remember that with Jupiter opportunities, you need to be in it to win it.

  4. Thanks for responding. Work that has “meaning” resonates with how I’m feeling. I think your comment drew it out of me.

    I’m an Art Director / Graphic Designer. Jupiter is in Libra in my 7th house and my Sun is in Cancer in the 4th. Any more insight would be greatly appreciated.

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