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Pic by me
Pic by me

Virgo in the Body

In the body Virgo rules the digestive system, in particular the digestive tract and the small intestine- or rather all those processes which break down the food we eat, so that the nutrients can be absorbed and assimilated into the organs and parts of the body that they will do the most good.

Virgo represents discrimination- the process around what is useful and what is not, what is perfect and what is not. This isn’t just confined to the body, but also to everyday life. Virgo likes lists, plans, directions and organisation. Virgo needs to be useful.

This level of discrimination is useful when it comes to bodily functions- the Virgo process is one where nutrients are as perfect as they can be, or are transformed into something that will make the body function as perfectly as it can. The quest for perfection carried through into everyday Virgo life, and the inability to attain this and the constant search for is what causes the most stress for Virgo… and, from a health viewpoint, Virgos worries are generally displayed as digestive problems.

This is one sign who seriously can forget to eat. They need routine, but are often too busy to follow one. Change disturbs their digestion- and it doesn’t take that much to disturb their constitution, which isn’t that strong. Virgo gets travel belly, can become constipated by change, and have runny tummy or wind problems as a result of life’s other anxieties.

Virgo is also susceptible to food allergies and intolerances and may be insensitive to wheat and dairy, with their skin and digestion becoming clogged and congested when the wrong foods are eaten.

Virgo and Food- Making the Right Choices

Virgo can be as precise in her food preparation as she is with other things in her life. I know one Virgo who used to apologise before presenting food that she cooked because the recipe had called for desiree potatoes and she was only able to get Pontiacs, and she hoped we didn’t mind too much. Naturally we didn’t- she is a brilliant cook- she just wanted to make sure her meal was as good as it possibly could be.

Whilst Virgo can be discriminating when it comes to food choices, she may, with Libra on the 2nd cusp, have just a tad of a weakness towards sugar and other sweet foods, but she does generally have the ability to make the wisest choice for her own health.

Having said that the Virgo/ Pisces, 6th/12th house axis is the axis of addictions, and it is in this axis that we can potentially see eating disorders (note my comments yesterday regarding calorie restriction and bingeing)…although that is very definitely a subject for an entirely different post (or set of posts).

It is for this reason that Virgo can, particularly if their boundaries or sense of boundaries are compromised can either be addicted to food, or addicted to disordered eating patterns or even addicted to foods which their body has problems tolerating…although it would be irresponsible to pronounce this in isolation- there would be other factors at play. When it comes to intolerances, allergies and eating disorders, the usual warnings re seeing a health professional absolutely apply.

Virgo does well on earth based foods- grains, whole foods, anything to do with the harvest. Virgo also does well on semi vegetarian type diets (generally the ones where you don’t eat anything that has eyelashes) or food combining diets (things like not mixing dairy with flesh etc).  Care should be taken to get enough protein (nuts are a great source if you aren’t into lean meats) and fibre.

The Virgo constitution doesn’t deal with processed food, junk foods or too much meat, so these should be kept to moderation in order to keep your digestion operating at peak condition. With Virgos tendency to eat at her desk or on the run or in between the million and one other things she is doing, it can become way too tempting to grab a cardboard box and whack it in the microwave.

I know a couple of Virgo women who will slave away to make a meal that her kids will love and then make do with a slice of toast for herself as she is now running late or behind or has something that needs to be finished before she goes to bed.

Virgo likes to buy food that is best quality for value produce, cooked well and simply under good food preparation conditions. Make sure you have some yoghurt for good digestive health and you are cooking with Virgo.

Whenever we talk about cooking simple and healthy meals we are talking about Virgo. Whenever we discuss the latest superfood, such as this article about Black Rice (which incidentally is brilliant combined with coconut milk and turned into an Asian pudding) we are straying into Virgo territory.

Last night we had a pantry combining dinner with our neighbours. My contribution was be a side dish- Vegetable and Barley Stew…(.and a chocolate pear tart, but we won’t go there…)

Sure it’s a little sloppy, and not the prettiest of meals, but with a sprig of fresh rosemary on top and served up in a vintage enamel bowl, it looks the part. And with some simple ingredients, low GI grains, plenty of vegies and very little fat, it is a perfect platter side for a late winter barbecue…and will guarantee digestive health, shall we say, for at least the next couple of days!

For something very similar, check out this recipe for an Asian Winter Hotpot- nourishing, tasty, and healthy.

And, I managed to get a Pet Shop Boys song in: “immaculate, rational, perfect…integral to the project…”