inch by inch…


Things feeling a little, well, ahem, constipated? Forward progress a little stuck? Things a little frustrated? That would be the Mars/Saturn opposition in play.

Let’s look more closely at this.

So we know that fixed signs are, well, fixed. Rigid. Stubborn even.

In earth terms, Taurus is the rock, the mountain, the concrete that isn’t going anywhere no matter what happens.

When you need solidity, that’s a good thing.

Taurus also is about holding onto things, gathering them around you, keeping you secure in case the money runs out and the winter is cold and the snow is up past the doors.

Scorpio is the water at the bottom of the deepest ocean. It’s unaffected by tidal flows. Strange things live down there, hidden in the dark. Things that can see in the dark, things that know secrets and mysteries. Things that have strengths you can never possibly know.

When you need this, that’s a good thing.

The issue is that changing anything- even when it needs to be changed, can be difficult.

The rock can’t be moved unless it’s chipped away bit by bit. If you chip too much of it away, it no longer provides the same level of strength that it previously had.

Rather than moving the rock, the trick is learning to use it- leave it there and climb over it. The same applies to the creatures of the deep.

So, that’s Taurus and Scorpio.

Now to Mars and Saturn.

Mars is about energy, moving forward, going after what you desire.

Saturn is about restriction, boundaries, commitments, lines in the sand.

In opposition we have Mars wanting to go forward- stubbornly- in a bull at a gate fashion. Without deviation. Head down, nostrils flaring.

Saturn at the other end is blocking the way. Putting in rules, regulations, a few speedbumps. In Scorpio, he’s not moving either.

So what to do?

It’s simple, head down, bum up and work through it.

Progress is slow and frustrations are high. Compromises need to be made in order to satisfy both- and neither Taurus or Scorpio are into compromise.

This is where the Moon will help.

Moon in Capricorn is practical, and will help take the emotions out of things. This will help you do what needs to be done- step by step, piece by piece, inch by inch.

A little like rock climbing, really.