In the Darkness of Your Dreams


You gotta love it when NASA starts talking dirty about the swollen orbs of a Full Moon.

This one is huge- the Moon, that is…about 14% larger than any other full moon of 2012…at least it will appear to be 14%-17% larger (depending, I guess, on your idea of size and perspective). Why? Because the Full Moon coincides with the Moon being at perigee, ie the closest point to Earth in its’ elliptical pattern. This particular perigee is the nearest to Earth of any this year. And, judging from the language used in some of the broadcast materials, this has left the scientists very excited indeedy.

Whilst we might normally say, with tongue planted firmly in cheek, that size doesn’t matter, in this case it does. Seriously, just how Scorpio is that?

The tides are higher (and lower) than normal at perigee (and apogee- when the Moon is at its furthest point from the Earth)- due to the amount of tidal force the Moon has at this time- up to 40% greater.

This Full Moon is bringing with it king tides that will be higher than those usually seen at perigee. I was reading in Twitter yesterday how some South Pacific islands were evacuating their beachfront bures for that reason.

Controversial Kiwi weather-man Ken Ring commented, “There is always a reason to be careful around all perigees, as they exaggerate whatever else is going on in weather. Closest perigees are even more reason to be vigilant.”

King tides, tsunami, earthquakes, tidal force, gravitational pull, emotional storms. Wow. How appropriate then, that this is occurring in Scorpio? I challenge anyone who knows someone with Scorpio Moon or Pluto-Moon (especially the conjunction, square or opposition) not to comment upon the magnetism.

This scaffold was 20 stories in the air. At this point the typhoon was at cat5.
This scaffold was 20 stories in the air. At this point the typhoon was at cat5.

A few years ago, I was in Hong Kong in the middle of a category 8 typhoon. I went outside the hotel to have a look at what was going on, saw the waves lashing at the typhoon shelters in the harbour and escaped with a 6 pack of beer back to the safety of my room. The power of the wind and the rain was destructive, yet also strangely exciting.

So it is with emotional storms. The after effects can be completely cathartic as the fear is washed away. Just as it stings when a bandaid is ripped away, the longer you leave it covered over, the longer the wound takes to heal.

Personally, I’m going to have a good, hard look at what is on my bucket list, the things I really want, the excuses I put around these desires and ambitions and the fears that have stopped me moving forward.

Being a Moon-Pluto opposition, I have a lot of things that are decaying underground that need to be looked at seriously before moving on. That process was started a couple of days ago- with discussions, and semi-confessions that cleared some very stale and manky air. The rest I intend to really sweat out. But then, for me, this Full Moon forms a relatively easy aspect- the trine- to my Ascendant. Whatever is going to happen will happen easily- not necessarily without pain, but also without a lot of resistance.

Another thing of note about this Full Moon is the slowdown of Venus, who is almost at a standstill- not at all the normal mode of movement for this girl, but certainly a good opportunity for us to spend some time reviewing and considering issues of relationship, values and money. Take that to Scorpionic extremes- what you really feel strongly about.

Further, Mercury’s opposition to Saturn means that any consideration will be serious, realistic and mature. Try not to let yourself get drawn into any sort of melancholy with this- the past is the past, history is history and yesterday is, well, so yesterday.

If you do happen to get caught up in some emotional tidal wave (and remember, not all of us will), keep in picture that clean and bright light that follows a storm. The light that all of a sudden lets you see clearly and makes the colours so much more vibrant and fresh.

Oh, todays post title comes from the lyrics of a Shakespear’s Sister song Stay. Check out the youtube video here.

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