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I’ve (half) joked in the past that I have the worst possible Mercury in history.

I’ve taught myself how to, I guess, overcome it in order to cope and succeed in normal society.

I’ve even managed to hold down and succeed in relatively senior and responsible roles. Roles where I’ve been required to train my Mercury into behaving in a logical and organised fashion- the way a real world Mercury is supposed to behave. It’s a little like how teachers used to force left handed children to use their right to write.

Over the years I’ve taught myself to dull down the other stuff- the dreams, the intuition. Instead I’ve forced myself to use my business skills- the same skills that allow me to organise projects, assess risks, manage budgets and cashflows, prioritise tasks. All of this is learned behaviour- it’s what has allowed me to exist and achieve goals. They might not necessarily have been my goals, but I have achieved them.

Neptune conjunct Mercury

With Neptune less than a degree away from my natal Mercury- the lines of normal communication are even more blurred than usual.

I’m finding it harder to see things clearly, tougher to make decisions, priorities seem somehow distant and my ability to rationalise is seriously compromised.

On the up side, I’m inspired. I’m aware of the synchronicity in daily life (although I still hate the word). My imagination is running overtime, I have more ideas than I can recall having, and my ability to slip in and out of my characters voices is enhanced. When I’m writing, it’s as if I’m living their life for that period of time. I’m seeing the world through their eyes.

What’s happening is an amplification of the natural qualities of my 12th house Pisces Mercury. I’m not convinced that that is a problem- although logically I know that it should be.

The other day a friend made me an offer of sorts. It was something that had come out of the blue, yet strangely, I had dreamed it the night before.

For the next two days I struggled with the decision. Should I? Shouldn’t I? What if? But?

My instinct was simply to say yes and see what happens. So that’s what I’ll do. I figure if it comes to anything, it was meant to- if it doesn’t, it wasn’t.

The thing is, I know that at the moment I shouldn’t be making any business decisions.

I know that at the moment I can be even more easily deceived than usual- by others as well as by myself. I know that at the moment I am living in a semi permanent state of Mercury retrograde and need to check, double check and triple check all arrangements and contracts and whatever else.

There’s no point in thinking too hard about it, or fighting it, or triple guessing it or over analysing it…it just is.

I suspect some great stuff will come out of this, I suspect that there will be times that I struggle with the confusion.

I also figure that this period will be easier (relatively speaking) for me because of the nature of my natal Mercury- being retrograde, in the 12th and in Pisces, it’s almost as if I have a permanent Neptune/Mercury conjunction. That’s pretty well business as usual for me.

In fact, those of us with Mercury in Pisces should, in general, have an easier time with this transit (relatively speaking) than Mercury in Aquarius did. Why? Because we’re attuned to the energy- even though we may have been trained to ignore it.

Neptune trine or sextile Mercury

If you have Mercury in Cancer or Scorpio, Neptune will trine it while in Pisces. If your Mercury is in Taurus or Capricorn, you’ll be receiving the sextile.

What does this mean? Essentially the energy will be “easy”. You may not even notice it. The opportunities that come up, the inspiration that strikes, may seem as elusive as a butterfly to catch hold of.

This will be a time where it seems that your rational mind and your intuition are operating in sync. The good news is you get the best of Neptune’s imagination, with the ability to still know what is a product of your imagination and what is real.

You’ll be able to communicate intuitively with sensitivity, empathy and creativity. Any natal talent you have for writing, poetry or teaching at this time will be enhanced- but notice that I said “any natal talent that you have…” Transits can enhance innate potential, perhaps make you aware of something that you’ve taken for granted. Transits alone won’t create it.

The downside?

Your imagination might be so stimulated that the real world seems, well, boring. Rather than seeking an escape into something more exciting, try not to fall for the illusion. Instead, look for the wonder that’s around you…trust me, it’s there.

Neptune square, opposing or quincunx Mercury

What about if you have Mercury in Gemini or Sagittarius? If this is you, at some point over the next 12 years, Neptune will square this point. If you have Mercury in Virgo, at some point over the next 12 years, Neptune will oppose it. If you have Mercury in Libra or Leo, the aspect will be a quincunx.

Ok, I’ll be blunt. This will be tough. Especially for those of you with Mercury in Gemini and Virgo. You’re so used to Mercury working in the way that it’s supposed to work, that now you feel as if your brain has been surrounded by fog, or filled with cotton wool- a little like if you’ve had sleeping tablets and haven’t quite got them out of your system.

You’ll try to do what you normally do- organise your thoughts, rationalise your decisions, analyse your options- but now nothing seems to work.

For the period of the transit, you may be subject to the deceit of others (and yourself), delusions (both your own and others), and intuitive feelings that you struggle to find an explanation for.

You will misunderstand messages, jumble your words, make basic errors in communication and fail to grasp the consequences behind decisions.

You may find that somehow you’ve been involved in dishonest dealings with someone else- you may be the one doing the dishonest dealing. You may find that you’ve been led astray by someone you thought that you trusted. You may have fears that are completely groundless, but that scare you witless. You will know things, strange things, without knowing how.

What to do?

Play it as straight as you can. Avoid misrepresentation- it will come back and bite you. Try and look beyond the gold exterior to the cheap plastic within. Accept that the mystical doesn’t need a reason. Try very hard not to make life changing decisions unless you absolutely have to.

Or, you can just accept that this transit is here to make you slow down, to force you to change your way of thinking, to see and feel other possibilities…you can just go with the flow.

Analysing the Transit

Check out this post for help on timing and analysing the transit- as far as you can do either when Neptune is involved…

A Final Word

My message to you?

Have a read of my posts on Mercury in Pisces- like it or not, this will be you- for the length of the transit- even if your Sun is in Aquarius or Aries.  If you want to make this difficult for yourself, just continue to try and rationalise everything, or organise it or compartmentalise it.

Read also the “rules” around Mercury retrogrades- you’ll need to live these. And finally?

Don’t think so much…feel what is right…

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