I’m Too Sexy For This Post

Taken at Kuala Lumpur Bird Park. Pic by me.
Taken at Kuala Lumpur Bird Park. Pic by me.

OK, first up, an apology for both the title and the song I decided to use for this post which- whilst old, corny and extremely lame- is the absolute clichéd image of Mars in Leo (and yes, to all those proud Leo men out there, I know your fashion sense is so much better than Right Said Freds’).

Mars is a hot and dry planet, so likes to create energy and activity. In Cancer (a cold and wet sign), it felt like it was trying to push through mud. Quite frankly, that’s what many of us did feel like- particularly if you are a Fire sign, or have a strong Martian presence (eg Aries Rising or Scorpio Rising).

Leo, ruled by the Sun, is a Fire sign- and the longest, strongest burn-iest (I just made that word up) of the fire signs. Mars in Leo is very like the Sun itself and generally has a following within his orbit to prove it. Mars in Leo very much relishes the hotter conditions, and the opportunity to shine.

Mars in Leo is exciting, passionate, charismatic and committed. In Aries, Mars’ energy is in sparking creative energy, in Leo, it is all about the follow through- in more ways than one (if you know what I mean, wink wink). His energy lasts longer, creates excitement, and ensures admiration.

OK, Mars in Leo is also egotistical and sometimes arrogant, but seriously, what’s not to like?  The energy, excitement and sheer romance of Mars in Leo draws admirers into the flame despite their own better judgment. The strong and steady sex drive doesn’t hurt either- although the temper, of tantrum like proportions, often can. Mars in Leo can also build up and maintain a pretty good sulk if he feels he isn’t being appreciated.

He is supremely proud. Even when things don’t look as bright as they could be and he is staring down the barrel of uncertainty, he will cover insecurities with an admirable bravado. He will always have a few more irons in the fire, so to speak. He goes after what he wants with what is almost a dramatic arrogance, pride and a need for recognition.

I have mentioned Laurence Hillman’s brilliant book Planets in Play before. Seriously, if you are a visual person, his premise of popping the planets on a stage and draping them in costumes is a revelation when it comes to understanding how the planets may play out in your chart. In any case, this is what he has to say about Mars in Leo:

“This warrior goes into war with the blessings of his king. He wears the finest uniform you can imagine, with colours and medals galore. He carries the king’s flag in his hand & the royal insignia on his saddlebags. He rides the finest and most powerful horse. He leads the way proudly into battle and will gladly die a hero, if he is just memorialized.”

Think of the Leo men in your life, or indeed, the men with Leo Ascendants. Their horse may be a flashy sports car or the biggest and most powerful V8 engine-but you get the idea. And he will take pride in how he looks, which is, by the way, usually pretty damned good.

Men with Mars in Leo (or Leo Men) will woo their partners in the old fashioned romantic sense of the word with gifts, bling and dramatic flair. This is real courtier type behaviour. Whereas Mars In Aries is focused on the quick win, Mars in Leo wants it all to last- the romance is a very vital part of it and the way in which love is expressed. He wants a woman he can be proud of, and he wants her to conduct herself with decorum- like a queen. To Leo man, there is never an excuse for trackies, ugg boots and unshaven legs in public. Ever. For him to respect you, he expects that you will show the same respect to yourself- and that means taking care of how you look.

He also wants you to notice him. If he has been working out, notice it. If he has a new shirt, notice it. Sure all fire signs can be a little selfish, but underneath the leonine exterior, this guy is warn, generous and demonstrative.

Women with Mars in Leo need to be treated like a Queen. They will be drawn to partners who show Leo characteristics- charismatic and admired by others. They like to bask in reflected glory and be proud of who they are with. He may have personal planets in Leo, Mars in aspect to the Sun or a packed 5th house…or just a big chariot.

Take a look at where Mars is in your chart, the house/s which Mars rules and also which house/s are covered by Leo. These will all be areas of focused and energised activity. Leo represents creativity, self expression and the things we give birth to- physically and symbolically, Mars is energy and forward motion… what is it you are working towards?

Does this sound like you or someone you know? Mars in close aspect to the Sun can add some Leo-ness to your Mars, as can Mars in the 5th house…but nothing is a substitute for the real thing! And the song? Here is the link in all its corny glory.