I’m not ready to make nice…


Over the last few weeks I’ve been accessorising a little more. Dare I say it, a little softer, a little more girlie. I’ve even been wearing pink and coral colours on my nails. My earrings have been lighter and more discreet, and my bracelets in the singular. It hasn’t felt like me.

Last night I sat down and painted my nails a dark purple. This morning my earrings are chunky, and my bracelets are multiple again. This is more like it.

I know Venus is in rulership in Libra, but for me it doesn’t feel quite right. It’s a little too nice, and that makes me uncomfortable.

In a few hours Venus will be in Scorpio, a sign where she is in her detriment. Detriment- how bad does that sound? If Venus is the significator in a horary chart, it’s not at all good, but otherwise? Essentially it just means that she’s being asked to operate in a way that is different to how she likes to perform.

Venus, in the signs that she’s at her strongest, doesn’t have to do a lot other than look good, appreciate stuff, and bring people together. It’s all a little easy.

In Scorpio, though, she’s edgier, darker, and way more intense.

Scorpio’s natural secrecy, paranoia and reluctance to trust makes it difficult for love to be given and received freely.

In Scorpio she goes as deeply as it’s possible to go to really connect with another. In Scorpio we’re talking both physical and emotional penetration. Sure it’s confrontational, but it’s also more than a little hot…did that come out loud?

Those of us with Venus in Scorpio natally, or even one of the other combos such as Pluto in the 7th, or Venus conjunct, square, opposition or inconjunct Pluto, or even Venus in the 8th, will get this. Indeed, you may actively seek this in your own relationships.

Others will feel uncomfortable- this is not a pretty girl feminine energy. It’s so much more than that. It’s primal.

It’s how you feel when you’re crushing on someone, when you feel like you could disappear into the other. It’s how you feel when you’re so deeply into it that you could inhale the other.

It’s Heathcliff and Cathy stuff- raw, wild, honest, devouring and all consuming.

Venus in Scorpio has been to the Underworld, she knows what’s down there, what’s in all of us…and she’s not afraid of the dark, nor is she ready to make nice just to keep the peace.