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I’m back…sort of…

15068993_10154167003790735_6263611905384395201_oSo I’m back in Queenstown after finishing the Milford Track.

It’s probably fair to say I’m still feeling broken- emotionally as well as physically.

For those who have messaged me on Facebook to ask if I’m ok, and to enquire about my silence, the deal is I’ve had an enforced radio and email silence as a result of no cell phone or internet reception for the whole 5 days we were on track. I deliberately turned email off on my phone (to save on download costs when I did get reception back), and won’t turn it back on until I’m back in Australia. If you’ve sent me something that I haven’t responded to, I’ll get to it when I’m home. I’ll also get some astro related content happening once I’m settled back into the swing of normal life and work etc.

How was it? To be honest, I haven’t fully processed it. It was the single hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life. It was possibly fitting that Saturn crossed my MC and squared my Ascendant on day 3- the single hardest day of my life. I truly didn’t think I’d make it up that pass- and had begun to wonder whether I’d make it down. I was on track for 10 hours that day- to cover just 9 miles in driving, persistent rain. Obviously my preparation was (more than) a tad off. When I stumbled into lodge that evening, I had literally nothing left, yet had to back up the next morning with the 21km tramp back out.


As I write this, my hands are still swollen from sandfly bites, and the toenails on both big toes are about to fall off (too much information?). In other news, I can now walk normally without having to grip something for support- man, my muscles were stiff! Would I do it again? No. Am I proud of myself for achieving something I didn’t think I could at my age and condition? Absaflippinglutely. Does Milford deserve the hype of the greatest walk? Yeah, it probably does.

an aerial shot of the Pass. Pic by a friend of mine.

I haven’t yet uploaded my photos from my SLR camera, but have posted some pics from my phone (mostly from out and about in Queenstown) on instagram. It’s been an epic 10 days. I’ll write much much more about it when I get home, so keep an eye out on and anyways for that.

In the meantime, I’ll be back in a few days with some astro content, the results from the survey, and the last 2 winners of the Wellbeing magazine.

Oh, and for those who’d asked about whether we were impacted by last Monday morning’s quake? No, we weren’t – although my best wishes go out to those in the north of the South Island, and Wellington who are still cleaning up, assessing the damage and dealing with the impact of it.

an aerial shot of the track. Pic by a friend of mine.