If I Could- Mars in Pisces

Legian Beach. Sunrise. Pic by me.
Legian Beach. Sunrise. Pic by me.

If I could paint, I’d paint a portrait of you, with sunlight in your eyes to mask the face of truth. And a single tear like a silent prayer is shining so much brighter than a diamond ever dared. If I could do anything at all, I’d do it for you.
If I could write, I’d write a book for you, tell of hidden treasures with an I owe you. And a million words couldn’t say a thing that won’t be said in three words where love’s the central theme. If I could do anything at all, I’d do it for you.
Darling can’t you see what you meant to me? Anything I could do I’d do it for you. And Darling don’t you know, just how far I’d go? Anything I could do I’d do it for you.
Sometimes I feel so second rate. Seems loving you is my greatest mistake. And though I’m insecure, and though I don’t keep score, I wish I could give you more.
If I could play, I’d play up a storm for you, a raging sea of passion that you never knew. Every whispered word would touch your heart and maybe for a moment I could be your favourite star. If I could do anything at all, if I could, I’d give you more. If I could do anything at all, I’d do it for you.

Lyrics from If I Could by 1927.

Mars is energy. It’s what turns us on and what turns us off. It’s what gets us out of bed in the morning. When we feel ambition we feel our Mars. When we desire something or someone, we feel our Mars. When we assert ourselves we do it through Mars. Mars is masculine, it’s hot, it’s dry, it’s direct. So how does a planet like Mars exist in what is arguably the wettest, most emotionally volatile and inconstant, feminine sign there is? What drives Mars in Pisces?

Pisces represents the 12th house and those things that bring us undone. It represents escape, addiction, fantasy, dreams, sentimentality, sensitivity and romance. It represents that which can’t be said, but can only be felt. It represents that which can’t be thought or logically explained. It represents that which has no practicality or connection to real life. It is vague, it is delusional, it is illusional, it is psychic,. It is imaginary and imaginative.

Mars in Pisces is all these things- is driven by all these things. He is creative, sensitive, romantic, artistic and fantastical. Mars in Pisces is in love with romance, is in love with love, would fight for love and die for love…until he falls out of love and then he will do the same all over again for the next love.

Mars in Pisces doesn’t just fall in love, he Falls with a capital F. But, like all planets in Pisces, he finds it hard to verbalise what he wants or who he wants…no, what or who he yearns for. And yearn he does. This isn’t an obsessive Scorpio sort of yearning but an almost drug like need for that special person.

Mars in Pisces is turned on by the sensuality of love, that wonderful rush of butterflies to the chest. Mars in Pisces is especially drawn to 12th house types of romances- secret loves, affairs, the one you know you can’t have but lie awake at night dreaming of. The illusion and the fantasy are aphrodisiacs that help keep the real world at bay and the dream alive for just a bit longer. Love and sex are escapes of sorts- and with none of the added calories or side effects of some of Pisces other preferred escapes or addictions. Mars in Aries gets off on the hunt, Mars in Pisces on the escape. It is the sensation, the feeling that keeps them coming back.

But what when that goes? What happens when real life intrudes into the happy ever after? There’s a very good reason why movies and romance novels end with the happy couple declaring their undying love for each other before jumping into bed for sex that you just know will be life changing. After the hearts and flowers are replaced by the mundane of real life, the temptation is for Pisces to chase that next fix. The one that will make them feel like that again. The one that will make them feel needed and sexy and excited.

To keep the relationship alive with Pisces is to keep the romance alive and the sex interesting. Add a little fantasy, a little spice- not all the time, just every so often. Don’t just tell him you love him- he has to feel it.
Pisces Men take on the qualities of Mars in Pisces. This is a man who is very much in touch with his feminine and sensitive side. It is his softness that makes him strong. On the flipside, it can also make him extremely high maintenance!

Women with Mars in Pisces will be drawn to men with Piscean or 12th house qualities- whether he be spiritual, sensitive, artistic, addicted or addictive, a victim or just someone who can write beautiful poetry on the back of a beer coaster at your local pub while the footy is on. In fact, paying you attention while the footy is on is the ultimate in romantic gestures! If you have Mars in Pisces check out the chart of those you have really felt drawn to. It is likely that they will have personal planets or the Ascendant in Pisces, personal planets (especially the Sun, Moon or Venus) in close aspect to Neptune or a pretty busy 12th house.
While on the subject, Mars in Pisces characteristics may also be seen in anyone who has Mars in the 12th house or in close aspect to Neptune- this is particularly true of the conjunction, square & opposition.

The other thing about Mars in Pisces is energy or rather the lack of a constant energy source. Pisces, as we know is mutable, so energy comes in unpredictable bursts. So does confusion. Mars in Pisces often is unclear about his desires. What he wants is somehow merged with what he thinks he wants and what other people think that he might want and what he thinks he should want. He is not deliberately indecisive, he really doesn’t know. This is Pisces single biggest problem with goal setting- what do you go after when your mind and heart changes so completely so often?
It is for this reason that Pisces often falls into things- often, like rivers, following the path of least resistance to the sea…and dragging all the silt and river junk along with them. But water runs deeply and truly and will carve out the path it wants slowly and surely. The danger is, it may not be the right path. Pisces can be a tad directionally challenged and has an unreliable internal GPS.

Pisces, whilst not outwardly competitive is absolutely manipulative and can be a cruel and dirty fighter. Like the other water signs, Pisces is able to feel out the weak spots in her opponent and play to them. Whether the role is that of victim, martyr, tortured artist or simply misunderstood partner, he will do what he needs to do to make his point- usually in a passive aggressive way- keep an eye out for the hang dog woe is me expression…and Pisces men do it better than Pisces women. Pisces does passive aggressive better than most, and when you are doing passive aggressive, sex is a great spot to start. It is also this tendency to hang onto feelings that can cause health problems in Pisces.

1927 was an Aussie band from the 80’s who specialised in schmalzy unrequited love songs- so very Pisces. Check out the song on YouTube

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  2. Wow! My first time driving by and I am in awe. What a wonderful post and the song If I Could is perfect, although I prefer Regina Belle’s version. I really love your interpretation and appreciate you sharing! Great Blog, great insight….I’ll be back!

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