Ideal is over-rated…

‘You’re swearing a lot lately,’ says Mr T.

I shrug. Whatever. I admit it- I do have a potty mouth. I know I was brought up better than that and I know it’s not ladylike- but I’ve never pretended to be a lady. Having said that, I pick my audience and descend into the gutter only when I can get away with it. The rest of the time I can fake a pretty convincing professional exterior.

‘But it was nice that you dressed up last night,’ he said.

Mr T has Venus in Libra and, along with all the other wonderful Venus in Libra traits he has, one is that men with this placement tend to like their partners to be quite Venusian, quite Libran in manner and maintenance.

The sort of woman who won’t scream obscenities at the football, or yell at the plonker who took her parking space, or who stands with her hands on her hips and chin stuck out and argue until a resolution is reached- even when avoidance of conflict would mean a more peaceful existence.

The sort of woman who always looks well put together and makes an effort with her appearance.

Boy, did he luck out! I’ve even been known to throw the occasional shoe- but only when it was really warranted. Hello? Mars in Scorpio in he 8th and Venus in Aries- my temper is quick and lethal when roused.

With Venus in Aries, I am the absolute opposite to his ideal woman, yet somehow he’s managed to put up with me and my occasional deviations into fishwife territory, my peeling nail polish, frizzy hair, track pants and ugg boots (or flip flops- depending on the season), for over 20 years.

In any case, the concept of “ideal” is over rated.

With his Mars in Scorpio and Gemini Moon, I suspect he’d be bored witless with “ideal”- as would I.

Anyways, if you want to know more about Venus in Libra, here’s the link to a piece I wrote a couple of years ago.

Why am I prattling on about this? Because Venus will be home in Libra in the next few hours.

Also about to change signs is Mercury who will soon join Mars in Sagittarius. This means that Mercury in Jupiter will be in what we call mutual reception, ie they are each in the others sign. Mercury rules Gemini, the sign that Jupiter currently is in and Jupiter rules Sagittarius.

It’s just a brief visit this time- Mercury is slowing down and will turn retrograde in a little over a week, before dipping back into Scorpio soon after.

In any case, Mercury in Sagittarius is a loud mouth- a loud mouth with Big Ideas, a good sense of humour, and who isn’t afraid to tell it like it is.

Want to know more? Here’s one I prepared earlier.

What else is happening?

We’ll have the just flipping do it energy of the Aries Moon for another 24 hours (or thereabouts) before La Luna moves into Taurus and prepares for Tuesday mornings (Sydney time) Full Moon…more on that one tomorrow.

For now, I have an ironing basket that’s going to require a super human effort (and possibly blue and red lycra) to jump over.

Until next time…