I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

© Cathysbelleimage | Dreamstime.com
© Cathysbelleimage | Dreamstime.com

Due to the changes and endings that have been happening in the partition job of late, I have had call to do a number of quick 10 minute “what sort of job would suit me?” type “readings”. And I use the term “reading” extremely loosely- mainly because I don’t do freebies and also because to answer the question properly takes time.

It isn’t that easy.

Essentially at least some of the following ducks need to come neatly into a line:

The Sun

  • The motivations and goals of your Sun need to be satisfied. How does your Sun like to be creatively fulfilled? What represents a deal maker or a deal breaker for you?
  • The house in which your Sun is shows the area of life you can look to- a spotlight on your natural talents. Sun in the 5th? Creativity abounds. Sun in the 6th? How and where can you be of service?
  • What about the planet ruling your Sun? Where is that?
  • Are there any planets linking to your Sun or its’ ruler that can help or hinder its’ activity?

The Midheaven

  • Check out the sign and element on the Midheaven, or cusp point of the 10th house. This is your career zone. It shows how you like to be seen by the world, your attitude to public recognition and the extent to which career goals matter to you.
  • The planet ruling your 10th house is your “career planet”. What sign and house is that in? The placement of this adds further information regarding your natural talents and inclinations.
  • What other planets are in the 10th? What can they tell you about your career?

The 2nd House

  • The value proposition can’t be discounted. What is your attitude to money, possessions, how you earn your money. For the answers to this we look to the 2nd house, again focusing on the sign and element on the cusp of this house.
  • What planet rules this area of life?
  • Are there any other planets in this part of your chart?

The 6th House

  • The 6th house is traditionally associated with sickness and servants. This house describes your attitude to the job, its tasks and how you are as an employee.
  • Take note of the sign ruling the house, the ruling planet and any planets toiling away in there. Perhaps this should be looked at along with reference checks during the recruitment process.

The Rest

  • Check out the North Node. This shows the purpose and growth path for your soul in this lifetime. The nodes show important lessons for you in relation to career if they are planed in aspect to a planet ruling one of your career houses.
  • Are there any houses that are relatively stronger than others? If you have a packed 1st house, whatever you do, an Arian flavour and energy will be brought to it, but if you have a packed 9th house, a Sagittarian flavour is present.

Over the next few weeks, we will work our way through each of these headings. So, if like me, you still don’t know what you want to do when you grow up, come along for the ride!

Want more information now? I explored this subject in the very first article I wrote for Wellbeing Astrology, so you will find it in Wellbeing Astrology No 5.