I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For- The Sun in Houses 1-6

Photo Credit: © Monkey Business Images Ltd | Dreamstime.com
Photo Credit: © Monkey Business Images Ltd | Dreamstime.com

The 2nd in the semi-occasional mini series on that eternal question “what do I want to do when I grow up?” The link to the 1st post is here.

This time we look at the Sun through the houses- 1-6 are here, 7-12 will be next week..

OK, the sign that your Sun is in describes your motivations, deal breakers, and creative essence. It is you. And there is heaps of info on each Sun sign on the blog (just head to the Sun tab at the top of the page). Sure I will pop all of this into a summary post as to how these characteristics represent your motivations and deal-breakers, but for now lets look at the house your Sun is in. This describes the area of life in which you want express yourself.

If you know your birth time, you can find this out for free on astro.com. (I won’t post the full link to this site because for some reason it brings all my personal details in as well).

By the way, the activities I have suggested here are by no means exhaustive. Take what you know about the house (check out the astro basics page) and the sign to which that house is associated & be creative, not literal.

Sun in the First House

If, like me, you were born right before the Sun peeped its’ head over the horizon, your Rising Sign will be the same as your Sun sign. Your Sun will therefore be in the 1st house.

Whatever it is that you do, it is essential that you express yourself in your role. You want to be seen and heard. It is all about you and you are what you do.

With the Sun in the 1st house you are self-reliant, active and independently focused. Satisfaction for you comes from knowing that it was your efforts and energy that made it happen. You want to be responsible for your own achievements. You are your greatest talent.

The 1st house is associated with Aries.

Activities or professions associated with the 1st house: anything to do with sports and physical activity (doing it, coaching it, promoting it, managing it, dressing for it); anything to do fighting things or winning things (wars, boardroom battles, crime, fires, sports, arguments, sales, contracts); anything to do with saving things (the day, the damsel in distress); anything you can be leader of (your own business, the scoreboard, the free world).

Sun in the Second House

With the Sun in the 2nd house you have a strong need for practicality, stability and financial security. You know the value of things and you also know the effort involved to achieve them.

You have a natural talent in financial matters and get satisfaction from this area of life. You also love beautiful things and have a good eye for design.

The 2nd house is associated with Taurus.

Activities or professions associated with the 2nd house: anything to do with money (getting it, keeping it, investing it, counting it, growing it), anything to do with design or beauty, anything to do with art (buying it, curating it, creating it, investing in it).

Sun in the Third House

With the Sun in the 3rd house, communication is your forte. You have an uncanny ability to gather data, join the dots and turn it into a message that is able to be received loud and clear.

Regardless of the medium, expression is the key to satisfaction for you and whatever you do must allow you to use those talents.

The 3rd house is associated with Gemini.

Activities or professions associated with the 3rd house: anything to do with messages or communication of any sort, anything that involves getting something (a rumour, a package, a person, a story, an advertisement) from A to B.

Sun in the Fourth House

With the Sun in the 4th house, your roots and sense of place are important. You understand the influence (both good, bad and all in between) of family, history and how these have helped make you what you are today.

You get satisfaction from your home and family and do well in activities involving these and any venture that involves caring or nurturing something or someone.

The 4th house is associated with Cancer.

Activities or professions associated with the 4th house: anything to do with history (preserving it, teaching it, capturing it), anything to do with feeding people (from growing it to cooking it to getting it to the table to telling you what to eat and how to eat it), anything to do with housing (building it, designing it, working from it, making it look good), anything to do with growing and nurturing something (plants, kids, businesses, homes).

Sun in the Fifth House

With the Sun in the 5th house, you like to play, to create, fall in love, and have fun.

You find satisfaction in activities that involve pleasure and children- both your own, other peoples, or other ventures you have given “birth” to and taken risks on. Whatever it is that you do, you must be able to express yourself creatively in it.

Activities or professions associated with the 5th house: anything to do with children (giving birth to them, playing with them, looking after them), the child in you, anything to do with fun (arranging it, having it), anything to do with an audience or a spotlight(of any size, age or description), anything to do with birth (of a child, a business, a hobby), anything creative, anything you take a risk on, anything involving romance (writing about it, promoting it, planning it, facilitating it).

Sun in the Sixth House

With the Sun in the 6th house, you need to be of service in some way. You strive towards perfection and want to do the best job that you can and be the best use of yourself. The ultimate in efficiency. In fact, you define yourself by your job, so what you do had better be fulfilling.

This is different to the Sun in the first house as the satisfaction here is all about what you do for others.

The 6th house is associated with Virgo.

Activities or professions associated with the 6th house: anything involved in health, wellness or sickness, anything involving small animals, anything involving hygiene, anything that requires organisation, anything that means you do something of some sort for someone else.