I still haven’t found what I’m looking for: Sun in houses 7-12

Photo Credit: © Monkey Business Images Ltd | Dreamstime.com
Photo Credit: © Monkey Business Images Ltd | Dreamstime.com

Last week we looked at the Sun in houses 1-6 and what that tells you about where your talents may lie. Now for part 2 of that one:

Sun in the Seventh House

With the Sun in the 7th house, relationship and partnership is important to you.

You recognise that two heads are better than one and have a talent for balancing the needs of individuals to achieve an integrated outcome. Compromise and diplomacy is your forte.

Satisfaction is found when the goals of the partnership are achieved. You do not work well in isolation and express yourself best and are stimulated most within a social environment.

The 7th house is associated with Libra.

Activities or professions associated with the 7th house: anything associated with marriage (arranging it, being in it or mediating the end of it), anything which matches people with other people (for jobs, relationships, causes or tennis), anything which involves compromise or negotiating an agreeable (or semi agreeable) outcome.

Sun in the Eighth House

With the Sun in the 8th house, deep emotional connection is the key. You identify with the base instincts and needs of life, the unmentionables- sex, money, taxes, power, death, the legacies associated with death, and rebirth.

You have a talent for going below the surface and addressing the “mysteries” of life. You have the ability to effect complete healing and transformation and find satisfaction in this.

The 8th house is associated with Scorpio.

Activities or professions associated with the 8th house: anything to do with going beneath the surface (beneath the earth, beneath the sea, beneath a problem), anything where you have to dissect something to find the solution and heal it (surgeon, forensic anything- psychology, medical or accounting), anything requiring anything covert (investigations, enforcement, security), anything involving death, sex or taxes.

Sun in the Ninth House

With the Sun in the 9th house you are a seeker of experience and knowledge. Your mind is open to new experiences and your boundaries are constantly being stretched.

You focus on the big picture and have a talent for teaching, broadcasting and preaching. Travel, knowledge, philosophy and spirituality bring you satisfaction.

The 9th house is associated with Sagittarius.

Activities or professions associated with the 9th house: Anything where you are broadcasting something or sending a mass message (whether it be publishing, preaching, teaching or interpreting), anything where you go somewhere (physically, metaphorically, virtually or spiritually), anything where you believe in something (a guru, a religion, a sport or a vision)

Sun in the Tenth House

With the Sun in the 10th house, public recognition and career success is important to you. You get great satisfaction from what you have achieved and the professional ladders you have climbed.

Networking is important, as is ambition. With the Sun in the 10th house, you have a natural talent for leadership.

The 10th house is associated with Capricorn.

Activities or professions associated with the 10th house: Anything to do with business (running it, working at it, planning it, administering it), anything to do with mountains (physical and metaphorical- climbing them, constructing them (dare I say it? sometimes out of mole hills…ouch!), digging into them for commercial gain), anything to do with structures (physical and metaphorical, concrete and bureaucratic).

Sun in the Eleventh House

With the Sun in the 11th house, you know the potential of a team or community to work together towards a shared outcome. You express yourself best within your wide circle of friendship.

Satisfaction is attained through the following of your ideals and furthering of causes.

The 11th house is associated with Aquarius.

Activities or professions associated with the 11th house: Anything involving something new or alternative (science, technology, astrology, alternative healing, space stuff, inventing stuff), anything involving a cause or a community (activist, humanitarian work, lobbyist), anything involving sparks or connectivity (electrical, mechanical, telecommunications).

Sun in the Twelfth House

With the Sun in the 12th house, front of stage and being in the limelight are not places where you feel at all comfortable.

You are able to lose yourself within large institutions, yet work well in isolation. Spirituality attracts you, as do the caring and service professions. Yours is a quiet satisfaction that does not require public accolades, it comes from within.

The 12th house is associated with Pisces.

Activities or professions associated with the 12th house: Anything to do with institutions (criminal, hospital, counselling, social work), anything to do with illusion (photography, magic, acting, costume work, set design), anything to do with delusion (poet, song writer, religion, spiritualism), anything to do with anything that helps bring you undone (pick your poison and attach a role to it eg bartender or wine merchant perhaps?).