I See Red


Sometimes shit just happens. For no reason.

When I first started learning about predictive astrology I used to look endlessly at my chart and the transits that were hitting it and try and work out what it meant. If something crappy happened at work (and at the time, 5 years ago, crappy things were always happening at work) I would look hard for what it meant.

At the time I was having a heap of 1st house Uranus conjunctions, a Pluto square Moon and a bit of Saturn fun. More importantly my Progressed Sun was changing signs & everything was a tad on the manky side.

I soon worked out though, that I would send myself madder than I already was by calculating this stuff out. Sometimes the brown stuff was hitting the fan simply because it was.

To be honest, these days I rarely look at my own chart. Sure I know when important things are happening, like planet return dates or really big, fat, hairy un-ignorable transits.

Yesterday a new client told me of a mini blow up he had the other day that was completely (and I mean completely) out of character. He then asked if there was anything going on in his chart that may have prompted it.

The incident started quite harmlessly. On a business trip in Brisbane, he and his mate were out having a few quiet ones at the end of a long day. While my client ducked out to take a telephone call, his mate (lets call him “Ben”) took pity on this bloke who had his lager legs on, and bought him another beer- on the condition that he drank it and then left the premises quietly.

Upon finishing his call, my client and his friend left the bar, but were followed by the man Ben had bought a beer for. He wanted another beer and was abusing and threatening Ben. Ben, staying calm, refused. My client, however, snapped and, with the sweet smell of testosterone in his nostrils and a rush of blood to the head, rushed to Bens’ defence. Rather undignified and uncharacteristic fisticuffs ensued.

Given that he tells me (and his chart confirms this) this has never happened to him before, he wondered what could possibly have been raining on his chart from a great height on that night.

When someone does something involving a sudden rush of blood to the head, I would expect to see Mars involved, probably Uranus and possibly even the Moon- the Moon often acts as a trigger to release whatever has been building.

He is in the middle of a Neptune-Venus conjunction (12th house), so whilst that might cloud his judgement (this aspect can often be compared to a longer version of the beer goggled night before) it wouldn’t incite any sort of unpleasant behaviour (unless you count the risk of running off to Vegas or blowing your life’s savings on a “sure thing” under its influence).

There is a lot of action in his progressed chart- big action- with Mars, Mercury and the progressed nodes holding hands in Aries. Also, his progressed Sun has recently changed signs. This is a huge change that happened around his birthday last year, but is still being integrated. Again, whilst this is important, it wouldn’t explain a blow-up. Not now, anyway.

I looked a little closer. Mars, retrograde in Virgo, often brings with it pent up frustrations, and given that my client has an Aries Ascendant, he would be feeling it more than most… and has been. Mars is retrograde in Virgo, so the tendency is also for old, niggly frustrations to rear their head. In addition, Mars was, was on the day of the incident, sitting conjunct my clients’ Uranus- almost exactly. The potential was there to do something out of character, something impulsive.

At around the time of the incident two things happened which could have provided the trigger point:

  • The Moon (which was in Sagittarius) moved to exactly square that point and
  • My clients’ Progressed Moon changed signs. Yep, at around that time. It moved from easy going Gemini to 00Cancer00. Cancer does like to take care of things, but this was, perhaps, a little extreme. Any time the Progressed Moon changes signs is big.

The building frustration and anger had been created by the energy of retrograde Mars, the gunpowder by the Mars/Uranus conjunction and the trigger by the Moon (in Sagittarius it is like a spark). In retrospect it looks simple. Would I have predicted it? Absolutely not.

What still confuses me is that the main transit (Mars/Uranus) was happening in the 6th house, which is usually associated with work, illness & employees. Mars rules the 1st and Uranus the 11th, so if I really wanted to be clever and make it fit I could say that frustrations regarding employees (6th) caused a sudden rush of blood (1st) to the head when he was with his friend (11th), but seriously that would be absolute crap.

What would I have told him if he had come to see me before this?

I would have told him that a Mars/Uranus conjunction is a few days of high excitement. I would have also told him that it is a few days where he will act on impulse spontaneously and may have the need to just break free of whatever it is that he needs to break free from. I would also tell him that he might be prepared to take a few more risks, possibly do something he wouldn’t normally do and would absolutely act without reference to others. Given, however, that this is a short lived transit, I probably wouldn’t have wasted a lot of his time on this one.

I would have clocked the Progressed Moon change and spoken about that. We would also have spoken at length about the Neptune-Venus influence that will be around for the next 12 months or so. I probably would have mentioned the Pluto/Ascendant square and Uranus/Ascendant conjunction that will be impacting him in the next 12 months. Given that he has an Aries Ascendant (and has the attention span to match), I would also make a diary note for this time next year to remind him of those ones- which will be, shall we say, memorable…I certainly remember what happened when Uranus hit my Ascendant!

At no time would I have said anything like “whatever you do, at 10pm in a back alley in Brisbane on a dark Tuesday night after a few beers don’t hit anyone.” I wouldn’t have said that because it is something so absolutely out of character for this client that it would never occur to me. But I guess the hallmark of Mars/Uranus transits is complete unpredictability. Maybe what I should have said to him is “expect the unexpected….” and “sometimes, shit just happens.”

(My client has given me permission to use this story but, for privacy reasons, I won’t post his chart details).