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© Branislav Ostojic | Dreamstime.com
© Branislav Ostojic | Dreamstime.com

Tomorrow transiting Venus squares off against Neptune in my chart.

It is possibly a good thing that this transit is occurring at a time when the Moon is in Pisces (and will be conjunct my Pisces Moon tomorrow) and when transiting Neptune is retrograde (and therefore more Neptunian) and when retrograde Mercury is also behaving in a rather Piscean fashion.

The blurb that arrived in my email today from StarIQ for the transit tomorrow reads:

FANTASY CAN BE COSTLY During this mellow transit, you may vacillate a bit more than usual, and lack confidence in your decision-making ability. Don’t worry too much about this temporary mood. You’ll be fine as long you don’t make any long-term, irreversible decisions that could impact your future, or believe promises made by well-intentioned employers, lovers or friends. You may become infatuated with someone quite charming. Have a good time, but take all promises and plans with a grain of salt.

As an extremely Neptunian person, none of this particularly worries me- I do all of this pretty much on a daily basis:

  • Vacillate
  • Lack confidence in decision making (except on work stuff)
  • Make long term irretrievable decisions that could impact my future
  • Believe promises made by well intentioned employers, lovers or friends- let’s face it, I tend to believe most people!
  • Become infatuated by someone quite charming…oh, that’s right, I’m married, so strike that one…

Transits of Venus to Neptune can be rather nice and dreamy. And seriously, how much damage can you do in a day or so? Hmmm, on second thoughts, maybe better strike that one too!

But what happens when the transits are reversed, as in when Neptune transits natal Venus. Neptune is so slow moving that these transits can last months, or be active on and off for a couple of years.

Neptune dissolves stuff- namely egos, reality and structures. When Neptune transits Venus, your relationship reality and those structures that govern how you relate are dissolved. To someone with a strong Neptune influence or Venus in Pisces or Venus in close aspect to Pisces, this could be the start of a dreamlike relationship, but for those with strong Saturn structures and responsibility, the resultant confusion can be completely disorientating.

If relationships are started during these transits (and you are particularly susceptible to this), they will take on an illusory, idealistic, rose coloured hue. Under the conjunction, the two energies are fused and your perception is completely altered- seeing only the beauty or the good in things and people.  You will love like a Pisces and be hurt like a Pisces. Your saving grace is that us Pisceans live like this for ever- your transit may only last months. For more on Pisces in love, check out La Vie en Rose.

When you fall in love, you fall in love with the dream, the illusion- not the reality. When business as usual sets in or the transit lifts, it is like the soft focus lens is removed and faults can be seen in all their glory- not quite so romantic. But being under the influence can be just gorgeous.

The more difficult or challenging transits can be more dangerous to the health of your heart. Under a Neptune square or inconjunct you may love unwisely or fall for someone unattainable, or someone who is a complete loser. A (married) friend, under the Neptune square, fell in love with her married boss and projected all of her imagined issues onto him. She felt sorry for him- for a number of reasons (I did say that this transit can make you love like a Pisces!)

Despite a brief and unsatisfying encounter, he remained an unrealisable dream…until the transit began to separate. Then she saw the truth of the situation and just as quickly moved into “I can’t believe what I was thinking about” territory and escaped- fortunately with her marriage still intact.

Also common under the square is falling for someone co-dependent (hello again Pisces) or someone whom you believe you can save, or who can save you. Martyrdom sounds so much more glamorous than it really is.

The opposition, too, can be difficult, with disillusionment and disappointment the name of the game as reality and illusion become two ends of the see-saw. Love is an escape- even when the object of your fantasy is a figment of your imagination. When the transit clears from this one, you wake up next to a real person- scary when you went to bed with a dream.

In all circumstances, once the transit moves on, the blinkers are removed and the cold light of day intrudes, there had better be something else there to hold it all together.

Don’t get me wrong, not all relationships begun under Neptune/Venus transits are disasters waiting to happen. Far from it. The image is beautiful and the dream is addictive, and very few people can resist the siren call of Neptune…and nor should they- there is a reason why these transits occur only a few times in a lifetime.

If you have any of these aspects natally, these are challenges that you integrate into your life on a daily basis. If you are heavily Piscean or Neptunian or (in my case) all of the above, this is who you are and how you love…and there is nothing wrong with that. Most of us do have some stabilising factors or people in our lives.

Think about when Neptune aspects Venus by synastry- it may be like your whole relationship is a Venus/Neptune transit with very little grounding in reality eg when Neptune in his chart is conjunct Venus in yours- he may be god-like to you. In the case of my friend, his Venus was conjunct her Neptune- she was a Goddess in his eyes as well.

Remember the myths of the Sirens who would lure men at sea to their deaths? That is so Neptune-Venus…but what a way to go!

Todays song title is by James Blunt- check out the video and the song here.