I Like It Loud- Mercury in Aries

Some of this post was published last year…just a warning to Aries who may not be bothered to read it again, there is some new content.

© Bretwalda | Dreamstime.com
© Bretwalda | Dreamstime.com
Five Foot Nothing (FFN) who is now taller than me, but who I will still refer to as FFN, brought home the practice exam question for Year 7 English.

FFN: Shakespeare’s Midsummer Nights’ Dream, Mum, I mean seriously, the guy can’t even speak English properly.

I do my best to explain why we study Shakespeare & ask what the question actually is.

FFN: The question is “Do you think Puck is the most influential character in the play?”

Me: What do you think?

FFN: Weeeeell, I don’t reckon they would have asked the question if they didn’t want me to say “yes”.  And, his name is mentioned heaps. And, they reckon this is supposed to be a comedy and like he does the only funny thing in the book.

I can’t argue with that sort of logic. FFN has Mercury in Aries.

From fantasy land in Pisces, Mercury is moving into Aries ready to put his money where his all too loud mouth is.

After the moody and oh so meaningful silences of Pisces for the last few weeks, Mercury is primed and ready to shout out loud. Mercury needs to be heard, not felt, and unless you happen to have Mercury natally in Pisces or another water sign, you too will no doubt be sick of the hidden messages, double meanings and confusion that comes from Mercury’s short stay in Pisces.

Theoretically this should have been a time to dream and imagine what could be before putting the ideas to action. And Aries is certainly all about action.

If you have Mercury in Aries, you will be a forceful and confident communicator and certainly will not have the patience to look for hidden meanings…nor may you have the patience to hang around for the rest of this blog, so I will make it as short as possible!

You think quickly, you grab concepts quickly; you jump in to solve problems quickly. You want to be heard, you need to be heard and you need to be heard first. You argue well, you aren’t scared to argue and if you are bored you will pick an argument. If it has been thought before, you aren’t interested; if it has been said before, you aren’t interested; if it has been read before, you’re bored already. If it doesn’t need to be said, why are you wasting my time already?

The easiest way to annoy someone with Mercury in Aries is to talk slowly, take your time making a decision or slowly think a concept through. (Actually, that is probably the quickest way to piss off Aries). Another way is to ask him to read something all the way through to the end…why bother when the movie is about to come out & the book is 7000000 pages long (or seems it) and you can get to the ending by reading the last page? (According to FFN that is “soooo not an efficient use of my time.”)

Nor does Mercury in Aries want to be endlessly talking about how you feel- unless you need him for the answers to whatever problem you have, don’t waste your time- you won’t be wasting his, he will have already tuned out and off… or switched the conversation to be about him (isn’t everything about him?) Say what you need to say and don’t expect him to guess that you aren’t happy- if you say “fine”, that is what he will hear. If you want him to guess how you feel about him by hints and long soulful looks, forget it- he can’t be faffed. He isn’t interested in “tuning in”.

But, if you want to play games, as long as he thinks he has a chance of winning (but not too easily), he’s your man. A word of warning though- Aries Mercury can’t be bothered going deeply into mind games. Keep the mystery a little, make him guess a little, but leave the dark and twisty, deep and meaningful stuff for the waterboys.

But if you want to be energised, entertained, challenged and exhausted spend a few hours with Mercury in Aries- before he tears off on his next mission.

Mercury is in Aries from 10/3/11 until 16/5/11. An extra long time because he is retrograde from 31/3/11 (at 24 Aries) until 23/4/11 (turns around just shy of 13 Aries). As an aside, Mercury in the 1st house or Mercury in tight aspect to Mars (particularly the conjunction or square) will act very much like Mercury in Aries.