I have a dream…


I have a dream.

Actually, that’s a ridiculous comment…I’m a triple Pisces- I have a number of dreams. Someone once said that a Pisces without a dream is very sad indeed.

Dreams are good- until they aren’t.

The thing about dreams is they either come out of the bucket and onto the table. The other thing about dreams is that once they are on the table, they are no longer dreams, but goals. And once a dream becomes a goal, there is no going back. Another thing about dreams? Sometimes you just have to trust that they can come true.

While a dream is still just a dream, it can be an escape, a sanctuary…especially if, like me, you have Pisces on the Ascendant or the Sun or Moon in Pisces. When a dream is still a dream, it is the fantasy that keeps it alive, the possibility that one day you might attain your desire.

As soon as it becomes a goal, all of that becomes way too real.

I’m dealing with the reality of my dream at present as the silence from publishers becomes deafening. I remain blissfully convinced that (most of the time- with the exception of Capricorn and Virgo Moon days) that I’m on the right path.

I’m having to deal with the possibility of failure, of rejection, but when I sit in front of my laptop and watch my characters come to life, none of it seems to matter and the possibility that I have been dreaming the wrong dream for all of these years drifts into the distance.

Sometimes Pisces and her dreams can seem as transient as a drop of dew on the petal of a rose. The mistake people make when they think of Pisces is to assume that we are weak, spineless. But move that dew-drop and what happens? That drop has its own skin and simply changes its form.

Pisces has a habit of making her dreams come true- in ways that may not seem obvious to other signs. How? Often simply by refusing to look at the possible negatives, refusing to listen to those who tell you how it will never work, will never be published, no one will buy your work so you had better grow up and look for a responsible job again.

Now is the time to clear out all of that, all of doubt, all of that fear. In these last few days before the New Moon, let it go- all of it- and take sanctuary in whatever it is that Pisces represents for you.

This New Moon is spiritual, creative and immensely emotive. With this much energy in Pisces, there is no ignoring the fact that one part of your life requires a dream, is asking for inspiration, needs to, well, trust.

Falling at 21 Pisces 24’, it is perhaps fitting that on this day, with all personal planets falling in Pisces, that the New Moon makes no aspects to any planet NOT in Pisces. This is Pisces at its most sensitive and inspired.

Boundaries are beautifully blurred between what you know and what you know. If you have a creative project you have been delaying on, or making excuses for, now is the time to listen to what you know in your heart, what you know intuitively. Leave the head stuff for later- much later.

Wherever Pisces is in your chart is where this blurring will be in your life. Escape from your everyday into it, take sanctuary in it, go with it. Let your imagination roam free. Float into the beyond. Follow your dream.

Given that the 12th of March is my birthday, it goes without saying that this is an important New Moon for me:

  • It’s conjunct my Sun
  • It’s opposite Pluto and Uranus (7th)
  • It’s trine Jupiter (5th)
  • It’s trine Neptune (9th)

Also, transiting Mercury is just shy of being conjunct natal Mercury. This point is also sextile/trine the nodes in my chart- almost to the minute. I’m choosing to think this is all pretty cool.

If you see the wonder, of a fairy-tale, you can take the future, even if you fail…


New Moon at 21 Pisces 24’:

Sydney 6.51am 12 March

New Zealand 8.51am 12 March

Perth, KL etc 3.51am 12 March

London 8.51pm 11 March

LA etc 12.51pm 11 March

NY etc 3.51pm 11 March


  1. That’s really interesting… I have Sun conj Neptune (in Sag) and I have a lot of people tell me that… “has a habit of making her dreams come true- in ways that may not seem obvious to others”… all these bodies are in my 10th house, including tUranus. I hope there is a huge transformation in my Photography career!

  2. another wonderful blog on a subject playing out in real time for me – to live the dream – to have faith in that dream and to allow that dream (as you say) to evolve in ways that can only happen to pisces people – have a wonderful birthday tomorrow – what an amazing SR chart.

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