I don’t wanna be the one

pick a red, any red
pick a red, any red

I’m having commitment issues.

Not for the obvious reasons ie relationship, job, etc, but over shellac. Yep that hard stuff that goes on your nails instead of nail polish.

It’s a bit much to have to predict what nail colour mood you might be in 2 weeks down the track. Just saying. Anyways, I blogged this issue across at and anyways…

It’s like having to pre-order meals when you go on a group lunch with work-mates… You know the sort- a farewell for so and so, 20 people around the table, so the restaurant asks you to fax through the pre-order sometimes up to a week in advance. I struggle with this- how do you know what you will feel like a week before you sit down to eat it? It’s the whole commitment thing.

If, like my husband, you have Mercury and Venus both in Libra and find decision making off a menu challenging indeed, pre-ordering can solve the inevitable “just make a flipping decision” from people like me with Venus in Aries.

The other thing I’ve been thinking about is apathy- the NIMBY (Not in My Back Yard) or “it doesn’t matter to me” brigade.

The whole thing came about due a discussion between my neighbours & us yesterday over a bowl of fresh prawns and a couple of bottles of chardy to celebrate Anzac Day (check out my recipe for Anzac Biscuits on the and anyways… blog). A couple of old Aussie protest songs came on the mix and I started reminiscing about various causes I got a tad carried away over. I’ve done my share of protest marching when young -Daintree Rainforest, Gordon/Franklin, Tasmanian logging (South West Tassie’s got a dozer track, and we’ll never ever get Lake Pedder back), Hiroshima Day & a few that I won’t mention here ;). As I got older and so much more mature I graduated to more important things like free corporate car-parking or People Under the Bell-curve (or PUB for short). These days I even feel like responding when spammers spell things wrong like “loose weight quickly”.

But my (Taurus ASC, Scorpio Sun) hubby has a bit of an apathy thing going. I know a few Taurus Moons who have active causes, but these have had Suns (or Ascendants) in one of the more vocal signs. So I wondered if it was a Taurus signature (and no, Taurus, I’m not saying you’re apathetic, I’m just asking the question, so please don’t write to me).

My Cancer (Cap Moon) neighbour was pretty much with him, her Sag hubby (Taurus Rising) was of the “why bother” mentality. The resident 18 year old (Gemini Sun conjunct MC, Leo Moon) is very politically aware, but the 15 year old (Taurus Sun, Scorpio Moon) and 14 year old (my daughter- Cap ASC, Aries Sun, Aquarius Moon) were really only interested in discussing whether any members of One Direction got chlamydia from pissing koalas on their recent visit.

I’m sure I was more politically aware than that at their age…

…the fridge is full of beer and I’m alright so

It doesn’t matter to me, I’ll just watch you all on my colour tv

Thanking God it’s not me…

Lyrics from It Doesn’t Matter to Me and The Long Run by Redgum