how very Gemini…


I’ve been silent here this week- unusually so.

What’s more unusual about this silence is that with the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter in Gemini, silence is a little hard to come by.

Here in Sydney, the Writers Festival is on…and I’ve been to a few events. Yesterday I spent the whole of a miserable, rainy Sydney day at the State Library of NSW listening to various panels of publishers, indie publishers, book marketers and authors talking about their experiences, processes, successes and failures. I’ll blog some of it on the Friday Five over at and anyways later.

How very Gemini.

Also this week I’ve rediscovered my writing mojo. This had been missing for the last few weeks. I had the words for blog posts and page updates, but hadn’t written anything either income producing or future income producing. Scorpio hubby had said that if I didn’t get over my writers block, the next thing I would be writing would be my resume.  Luckily though, with the Gemini energy, my words came back.

How very Gemini.

Speaking of Scorpio though, the Moon is midway through that sign.

This is a few days each month that many of you have told me that you struggle with. It can bring up fears, paranoia and possibly even secrets. It can be a deep, dark and intense few days and, if you don’t have a good relationship with either Scorpio or Pluto, this can be difficult stuff to deal with.

For most of the day, actually all of Friday (local time) La Luna won’t be talking to anyone else.  Not officially void (she will make an opposition to Mars before leaving Scorpio), with no other traditional aspects, the Scorpio energy is intensified.

Speaking of intense energy, tomorrow afternoon we have an eclipse, in Sagittarius. This is the last in this particular eclipse season, but, being in Sagittarius, is one that will ask you questions about adventure, excitement, faith and comfort zones. I’ve shared a few posts from other astrologers over on the Facebook page, and, all going well today, will pop my own up later. Maybe.