How to Speak Scorpio

Flying Space Rocks. Pic by Dan Collier
Flying Space Rocks. Pic by Dan Collier

Welcome to Planet Scorpio

Scene 1

Date Night. Four Foot Nothing (FFN) has been deposited at Camp Grandma and Scorpio Hubby (SH) and I are walking up and down the line of restaurants trying to come to an agreement on somewhere to eat.

Me: This place looks nice. Good menu selection.

SH: mmmm, pretty expensive plate of pasta, don’t you think.

Me: What about this place? You can get a steak here if you want.

SH: Yes, but is there anything on the menu you want to eat?

By now, I am getting a little exasperated, but in the interests of date night…

Me: What do you feel like eating?

SH: I’m pretty easy. Your choice, love.

Me: OK, we are eating Vietnamese.

SH: Sounds good.

Later… sipping our first glass of vino, while sharing some salt & pepper calamari…

SH: This is nice. But I really felt like a steak at the place next door…

Me: You should have said.

SH: I did.

Welcome to Planet Scorpio.

I have spent the last 20 years living with a Scorpio. I work for a Scorpio, my father is a Scorpio & one of my closest girlfriends is a Scorpio. I am surrounded by them, adore their depth and intensity and, as a result, am actually pretty good (usually) at speaking Scorpio. But every so often I do mess up.

Scene 2

After a difficult week of long hours, lots of running FFN around to social events and SH at endless off-sites, the inevitable happens and a general discussion over something completely inane turns into an all out yelling match (me) and silence (SH).

SH: But you know the pressure I have been under.

Me: How can I know if you haven’t told me?

SH: But I have told you. You just weren’t listening.

He hadn’t told me verbally, but in review, I should have recognised the signs. Welcome to Planet Scorpio.

When a Scorpio finally gives their heart and their trust (the 2 are inseparable), they expect that you will in return give your heart and soul. Scorpio doesn’t just love, they demand complete merging. With that is an expectation that you feel everything as intensely as they do. There is also an expectation that the channels of non verbal communication are wide open. This translates to, they don’t only assume that you can read their minds, it simply doesn’t occur to them that you can’t.

Scorpio doesn’t offer anything up. You have to earn it. As I said, I am normally pretty good at reading the signals. This is why Pisces and Scorpio often go well together (as long as they can avoid drowning each other).  In fact, this is why water signs all work reasonably well, on a Sun sign level, anyway. We all live through and are motivated by our feelings on a level which is non verbal.

When a Scorpio calls you out of the blue to talk about nothing, what they are really calling for is so that you can ask the questions that need to be asked so they can tell you without telling you what they need to tell you. If you can speak Scorp, the exact words don’t need to be said and the emotional connection can be undeniably amazing.

Do you think we need to talk about this?

I don’t know, do you think we need to talk about this?

If you don’t think we need to, I guess we don’t need to.

It has all been said and understood. Over and out.


  1. Oh, the truth hurts! My astro-twin is a Scorpio, and most of my best female friends are Scorpio rising. And the Scorp moons run in my family, although I didn’t get one.

    But we don’t really need to lay it all out there, right? I think you get what I’m saying. 😉

  2. “When a Scorpio calls you out of the blue to talk about nothing, what they are really calling for is so that you can ask the questions that need to be asked so they can tell you without telling you what they need to tell you.”

    Wow, you said a mouthful there! And I’m *only* Scorpio rising with Pluto closely conjunct my Virgo sun. This post gives me some good insight into myself, thanks.

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