How to read tarot in 31 days: an e book review…

I’ve long been fascinated by tarot.

I think it’s the pictures- there’s nothing quite like a gorgeous deck of intricately designed cards. I have a pagan deck that resonates with me, but a girlfriend recently purchased some Darkana Badass cards that I have to get my hands onto.

My neighbour and I have spent many afternoons with the remains of a bottle of wine, a tarot deck and an assortment of tarot books as we try and determine answers to the questions and life situations that perplex us.

I was first alerted to the synastry between the tarot and astrology a few years ago when a reader at Spellbox spoke about a particular card- the King of Pentacles- representing a man who works with money, is conservative, strong willed and steadfast- Taurean characteristics.

Even though my husband is a Scorpio, he is Taurus rising, works with money and has all of these traits. In every reading I’ve had since, the King of Pentacles represents my husband.

I won’t go too much more into this as I’m writing an (overdue) guest post for Brigit from Biddy Tarot on the subject. In fact as soon as I finish this piece, I need to email her with some grovelling excuses involving long running internet woes, editing challenges and a nanowrimo victory.

The other thing that rang bells in this Piscean head was just how closely the readings (especially when done by a good reader) minored the transits that I had coming through.

Suffice to say, I wanted to know more.

Since then I’ve done a couple of courses. I’ve learned not to be afraid of The Tower, but rather to see the possibility of change. I’ve also learned not to fear the Death card, but rather look to what needs to be eliminated in order to move forward. Did I hear the words Uranus and Pluto transit?

I was forwarded Biddy Tarots’ Tarot Foundations: 31 days to read tarot with confidence about a month or so ago.

Brigit sent me the ebook with no expectation of a positive review, but rather a request that I read it and let her know what I think… what I think is that I love it.

Oh, you want to know why? Here’s the review…

When I first started learning astrology, I was convinced that I’d need a textbook (or 20) beside me for every reading. How could I possibly remember all those signs, planets, aspects, houses and combinations?

Eventually I realised that somehow, some way, I’d absorbed the general nature and keywords of each sign, planet, aspect and house, and in doing so, could interpret the combinations simply through this understanding.

Brigit, in Tarot Foundations applies a similar methodology.

Each suit is studied in relation to its elemental association. Eg the suit of Cups is associated with emotions and feelings and therefore relates to the element of water.

Then we look at the Court cards- the Page, Knight, Queen and King. These too relate back to each of the elements- Air, Fire, Water and Earth.

Lessons in the major arcana, basic numerology and symbolism follow. After each lesson are activities designed to deepen the learning of the module.

Only after these building blocks are in place do we then start to put together combinations, patterns, systems. We are now ready to learn how to read the cards.

I have to confess to not following the ebook chapter by chapter. Nor did I take 31 days- it was somewhat shorter and longer than that.  I whizzed through the building blocks, and took considerably longer absorbing the deeper lessons.

I now keep a tarot journal and my deck handy and will draw cards most days.

I’m no longer reaching for the textbook, but rather trusting myself and the keywords that I’ve allocated to each card.

I’m nowhere near confident enough to read for anyone else yet, but I’m finding that I’m often casting a spread alongside a horary chart and looking for the correlations. The more comfortable I become with the cards and their meanings, the more I’m seeing the same message in both cards and chart.

Just like I get a feel for a chart and then back it up with the data, I’m also starting to get a feel for a tarot spread before supporting that with interpretation.

Tarot Foundations isn’t just an ebook.

Brigit has a passion for imparting knowledge, and follows up Tarot Foundations, with companion books, a blog and, more importantly a series of regular webinars to enable you to continue your learning in a virtual classroom. I like that.

Anyways, there’s the review, now to finish the post…and do a little grovelling in apology for my lateness!

Naturally this is all my opinion, but if you want to check it out for yourself, here is the link.








  1. Thanks, Jo, for an amazing review! I am so glad to hear that you love working with Tarot Foundations and that it’s helping you to read Tarot. I especially love that the eBook has given you the confidence to trust yourself and let go of the textbook! This is the PERFECT outcome!

  2. What synchronicity!!!! I have been led in the past week to pick up Brian Clark’s Celestial Tarot (after having purchased them eons ago)and suddenly I find that the whole thing is coming together beautifully.
    All this was at the prompting of some tarot reading friends who suggested I should try readings the cards as there were possibilities opening up to read at spellbox !!!!
    Love it 🙂
    Thanks Jo

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