Retrograde Venus

How NOT to survive Venus Retrograde…


Sunday December 22

Moon in Leo

Venus Retrograde

Last week I gave you a survival guide for Venus’s retrograde period.

I know, though, that some of you will want war stories, so in the interest of helping you along with that, here’s a guide to how NOT to survive the Venus retrograde with your heart and credit rating intact.

  • It’s the New Year sales, so buy up big. Those no interest deals, no payments until deals are great…
  • As for credit cards- go on, get another. You know you really want it. Besides, that bonus is due to come through, and there should be a birthday cheque in the mail from Aunty Mabel sometime soon.
  • Don’t put any money aside to allow for increased payments
  • Not being able to afford it doesn’t matter so much when it’s on sale.
  • Not needing it doesn’t matter so much when it’s on sale.
  • Don’t budget for the year ahead. It’s an over-rated activity.
  • You need that extra cupcake…
  • Sign on the dotted line without reading the fine print- after all, who has time to read that stuff?
  • Say yes to everything without thinking about it. Give up your only day off to do something you don’t want to do? Yes! Blow a fortune at a restaurant with people you don’t want to be with? Yes! Go out with that guy who has a reputation for emotional abuse, but bought you flowers so must be just misunderstood? Yes!
  • Say yes to the dress…the one that’s two sizes too small, a colour you don’t normally wear, but will look great when you drop that weight and change your hair. After all, it’s 50% off and designer…
  • Say yes to the shoes- you need another pair of black peep toes. At this price, it doesn’t matter if they pinch a bit- surely the leather will give…
  • Fall hard for someone already attached. He really means it when he says he’ll leave his wife.
  • Pash the boss at the Christmas party. Afterwards, treat it as if he’s the love of your life and you two are meant to be together forever.
  • Get that tattoo, change your hair radically, book in for a nose job, launch a completely new look. Now.
  • Run off to a Registry Office with the guy/girl you met last night. It’s meant to be.
  • Make a “this time it’s final” decision on the relationship you’ve been in for years. We are never ever getting back together. Like ever.

It goes without saying that this post is designed to be tongue in cheek. Banks really do need to be repaid, mistakes really do have consequences, that dress will never fit, and shoes that are tight to begin with will cut your feet in half. It stands to reason that if you can’t afford it now, you probably won’t be able to afford it when the payment is due.

My advice? If possible, don’t do any of the above! Use your re words, slow down, take a step back, and rethink before you act. You still might choose to go ahead, but be aware that the choice is yours- it’s not Venus Retrograde making you do it…

Keep an eye out too on any other longer lasting transits that are happening in the background.

I made some (in hindsight) stupid choices last time Venus was retrograde in Capricorn. A shirt that I paid a fortune for, that I’ve never worn and a gorgeous pair of Marc Jacobs shoes half a size too small were the least of that damage.

In the background, Uranus was exactly conjunct natal Mercury, and Pluto was at 24 Sag, square Chiron and exactly on the midpoint between squaring my Sun (20 Pisces) and my Moon (27 Pisces). Big Things were brewing. In hindsight (it’s a truly wonderful thing) the dumb things from that period were an integral part of my bigger story.

And a very large part of that bigger story was about self worth. Not that you have the benefit of hindsight and perspective when you’re in the middle of something like this…

I don’t expect the events to be the same as back in Dec 2005, January 2006…that’s not to say that the themes won’t be similar. I suspect that they will be. This time though, with Uranus pushing his way out of my first house, the questions regarding worth will likely relate to what I’ve learned about mine, the worth of what I do, and where I’m selling myself short.

Why not use this time to review your worth? Where aren’t you seeing your true value? Are there others in your life who don’t value you? Perhaps a little renegotiation is required…

I’ll leave you with that…