How I Missed My Mums Birthday…& a Bit More on Aquarius

© Johnny Lye |
© Johnny Lye |

Ok, I haven’t really missed it…but I bet you looked at this title & formed all sorts of nasty judgements about me. I would have missed it though. I have missed lots of stuff in the last 2 weeks & forgotten even more.

I didn’t realise until yesterday that the Sun had gone into Aquarius & I missed it. The only reason I remembered was that my Dad rang me to ask if we intended coming over to the Lions Den on Sunday for Mum’s birthday. Ooops. That means 2 things:

  • I had forgotten Mums birthday (nearly)
  • I have to somehow get to a shop to buy a present (although she says she just wants some money to go horse-riding)
  • If it’s Mums’ birthday, the Sun must be in Aquarius & I haven’t written a post about it.

I think I have a pretty good excuse with work over the last 2 weeks & being in Brisbane for the last week…but I am soooo not pushing it!

The one upside to this whole last fortnight thing has been that every maintenance appointment I have had has had to be cancelled. The money saved will come in handy in Bali (which for those who may be interested is in 4 1/2 weeks). Thankfully for all, I made it back to get the grey taken out of my hair today…which brings me neatly back to my Mum & her Aquariusness.

My Mum is Aquarius personified. She has the Sun, Venus & Mercury in Aquarius & absolutely nothing in any water signs…Hmmm. I figure this helps explain a few things:

  • her “individual” dress sense…& I mean that in the nicest possible way… My Mum has been the same weight since the day she got married (although she did tell me that once she ballooned all the way up to 9stone) despite never dieting or exercising (if she feels the urge, she lies down until the feeling passes) and for many years made all her own clothes. Because she has always had such a neat figure, she could look great in anything- even the overalls & gumboots or riding boots she would turn up at the school in. In fact, I recently put together an old fashioned slide show for my younger sisters’ 4oth birthday that had an entire section on the many ways that Mum could wear the separate pieces of one hot pink suit in the early 70s.
  • her inventiveness. My Mum was the only Mum who did pottery, painting, cattle mustering & has carried a saddle from house to house over all the moves we have done in the hope that one day she will have something to put under it. Mum could fashion a dress up outfit from nothing…although I am sure my brother still cringes at the photos of him going as an oil heater to an Easter Parade. Personally I loved the clucky hen on my head & possibly the witches outfit was a sign of things to come. These days that inventiveness & quirkiness is invested in finding cool things to do with the grandkids- I would like to bet most kids don’t get excursions that range widely from cemetaries to ferries to fishing trips to weeding days. 
  • her community spirit. Mum has always given more of herself. As kids it was canteen, remedial reading, school art classes. These days she is heavily involved in dog obedience training (she is an instructor, but refused to pass Kali & I as she said my dog was capable, but I was too undisciplined…), dog safety awareness sessions at schools & the local council & animal welfare. Pity her own dog is so untrainable (Dad won’t let her have the internet so I know she won’t read this…)
  • wanting to know stuff. This goes beyond academic brightness. While my husband would disagree, Mum likes to know how stuff works. Her perseverence & logic is tested in her family history research & training courses on…well, dog training.
  • her detachment. Mum doesn’t tend to covet anything. she has always been able to make do on not a lot- which, with 4 kids & being a stay at home mum, she had to be able to do. With Mars in taurus, unfortunately this detachment doesn’t extend to crap around the house. I think she still has all of my old referees kit in the drawer under what was my old bed- even though I left home 23 years ago & have repeatedly told her that I don’t want it. Somewhere in there is still probably the flag (complete with Steve Gearin badge) that I used to take to Canterbury home games at Belmore Oval when I would go as a teenager with my dad & my liddle brudda.

It is the detachment that is the part I least understand about Aquarius…yet with as much Pisces as I have, I figure that if I didn’t have a Mum who taught me not to get emotional about EVERYTHING (or at least to hide it) I would possibly be in a very different position now…& not necessarily a better one!

I find it interesting now to watch my daughter (Five Foot Nothing) with my mother. The synastry there is incredible:

  • FFNs’ Moon is conjunct Mums’ Sun
  • FFNs’ Aries stellium of Sun, Mars, Mercury & Saturn is conjunct Mums’ Moon
  • FFNs’ Venus is conjunct Mums’ Venus/Mercury conjunction
  • Mums’ Taurus Mars trines FFNs’ Capricorn Ascendant

…and they understand each other perfectly… FFN’s Aquarius Moon/Aries Sun has that same combination of action & detachment as Mums’ does…which is fortunate given that the next thing I will be missing will be FFN’s 1st day back at school…yep away again next week :(.