how do I love thee? let me count the ways…

lake tekapo. pic by me
lake tekapo. pic by me

It’s that time of the year when people starting talking about numbers- specifically for the purpose of counting them.

Or counting down. How many sleeps until Santa comes? To midnight on New Years Eve? How many kilos did I put on this year instead of take off? In the case of yesterdays’ Good Weekend, the cover was adorned with “45 hot ideas for the season”, while inside we could learn “9 tips from Neil Perry for expert grilling” or “6 destinations if you don’t want to lie on the beach.”

On Friday morning after consuming more standard drinks than I choose to remember containing more calories than I chose to record, my Facebook status read “Aaah Berocca: How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.” The drinks themselves had been consumed amongst (now ex) colleagues and friends and accompanied other sorts of lists and remember whens prior to finishing up in the partition job.

The Moon is in Virgo, and in one sleep time I am off to Bali for Christmas with my family, so figure I will do my own accounting session, my own way of closing off the year- even though the year does not close off officially for another 13 days.

legian sunset. pic by me.
legian sunset. pic by me.

I just re-read the “resolutions” I posted on this blog last year. (the link is here). I read them for the first time since I wrote them. That can’t be good.

Some I achieved, some will form the basis for this years’ goals- which is a positive way of saying something like “I had forgotten I even wrote these down!”:

  • I ended up opting to finish the chick lit novel, which is now in a state of readiness to be peddled around for feedback (that is a more positive spin on the word “rejections”) once Jupiter comes out of his shadow. The other one with the really cool name will be on this years list to finish.
  • I didn’t finish getting fit. And I have finished the year the same weight that I started it. Which is why the weight loss book is at the same stage of half written-ness as it was this time last year. End of story.
  • I completed C25K in time to do the Sydney Bridge Run. Yay me. I walked lots of it, took some great photos from the middle of the bridge and loved every second of it. In the process I helped the cashflow of my chiropractor who, for the first 6 weeks of hell, was busy putting joints back in that had popped out. I also sweated a lot with and swore a lot at my BMF- which, I choose to believe, only made our friendship stronger.
  • Let’s not talk about financial goals. Suffice to say, my Kindle is filling up fast, as are the piles beside the bookshelves. Enough said.
  • The painting will get finished in January…maybe…does that count?

What else?

Most OMG Moment:

It would have to be watching the Full Moon in Libra rise over Mitre Peak from a boat in the middle of Milford Sound in the fjordland of New Zealand. Dead quiet, with just the sound of a seal diving around the boat looking for his dinner to break the silence.

mitre peak, milford sound. pic by me.
mitre peak, milford sound. pic by me.

Other close contenders:

  • Getting pelted with a snowball hurled at me by TTM (Taller Than Me) on a helicopter snow landing up near Mt Cook
  • Watching the stars glint away in a clear sky above Lake Tekapo with Ms Sparkles

Favourite Meal Moment:

Any time spent with my hubby and TTM. This year has been manic, so opportunities grabbed to cook and eat with those I love the most have been cherished.

To be specific, there was one wonderful evening with hubby at The Stunned Mullet in Port Macquarie.

A close second was the very first Nasi Campor at Bianca in Jalan Padma, Legian (Bali) with my Perth BFF. Or, also with my Perth BFF, grilled fish and sambal on the beach, with the sand in our toes at Jimbaran (Bali)…or high over the cliffs at Tanah Lot (Bali).

nasi campor. pic by me.
nasi campor. pic by me.

Most Mis-Guided Comment Moment:

With my Kiwi BFF when I rather stupidly declared that we would both learn to run and enter the Sydney Bridge Run. How hard could it be? Seriously? Yes, wine was involved…which leads to the Scariest or Most Outside the Comfort Zone Moment- that first outdoors “run” with my BMF.

bridge run. pic by me.
bridge run. pic by me.

Number of Immunisations:

An encounter with a manky monkey (who was only doing what comes naturally) in Ubud (I was saving my friend- I’m such a hero) prompted a trip to a Bali hospital, 2 tetanus shots, 2 rabies shots and a deserved stern talking to about keeping my immunisations up to date. Add in another 5 rabies shots when I get home, another lecture about why women of a “certain age” if they feel the need to “find” themselves in Bali, have to do it in Ubud rather than a nice, safe and secure enclave in Nusa Dua.

the perpetrator. pic by me.
the perpetrator. pic by me.

Number of real “nothing more to look at here, people” meltdowns: 1.

It was at the end of Day 15 of the Queensland Flood crisis. The business I worked for had been inundated & I was on Day 15 without a break managing the crisis and business continuity planning (that’s a wanky name for keeping stuff happening) and then attempting to get a temporary site built.

The meltdown occurred over pasta carbonara and a super-sized glass of pinot gris in the middle of an outdoor restaurant in the middle of busy Queen St. Ouch.

The work we did over those few weeks was the toughest job (mentally, emotionally & physically) I did in my 12 years at the partition job, but was also one of the most immediately gratifying…and the resulting emails and questions have kept me busy for the ensuing 11 months.

pic by me
pic by me

Saddest Moment:

This last few months has been full of goodbyes from the partition job as people depart. It was my turn on Friday & even though I had been turning off lights and planning this moment for the last few months it was surprisingly surreal. Yet, the saddest moments have been farewelling those who I know I will stay in touch with. We didn’t say goodbye-we said Merry Xmas. I didn’t count the tears.

Most Amazing Opportunity:

pic by me.
pic by me.

Yet to come- but I have been given a pretty humungous opportunity with the completion of the partition job.

On the Blogs:

The numbers were up- a lot- even though the reliability (thanks to spambots) was down. So, a lot more of you are reading…thankyou.

The stuff you want to read about?

Highest searched for items and most read pages all had to do with…wait for it… Scorpio. Scorpio men, Scorpio women, Pluto/Venus aspects, Moon/Pluto aspects, Scorpio revenge, Scorpio jealousy.

The opposite sign also got a fair run- lots of you are fascinated by Taurus men- well, at least that’s what the search engine tells me. And Aries men: getting them, keeping them, pissing them off. Not that difficult to get, almost impossible to keep and super easy to piss off. And I say that with love, and a lot of tongue in cheek.

Other than that, lots of traffic on Venus in Cancer, Venus in Pisces and Pisces being unfaithful. Hmmmm

And Finally:

A huge thankyou to everyone who reads this blog- whether it is daily, weekly, sporadically, whatever. Thanks also to everyone who has taken the time to comment (before the spammers forced me to close that down…temporarily) or email me.

I will post while away, but for now, had better get this Virgo list happening:

  1. Lunch with friend
  2. Pack clothes
  3. Print out travel documents
  4. Finish wrapping Xmas presents
  5. Post cards
  6. Wash
  7. Iron
  8. Confirm security arrangements
  9. Forget where I left list

10. Panic

Wishing you and your loved ones, a wonderful Holiday season and a 2012 full of awesomeness- for the right reasons!


lindis pass. pic by me.