Horary: Will I Get The Job?

Chart cast using Solarfire
Chart cast using Solarfire

Ok, we haven’t done a horary question on the blog for a while, so non Astro peeps, this is probably your cue to yawn loudly and turn away in boredom…

My friend (and yes, I have her ok to use this) is applying for a role that she is pretty sure that she wants. She is, however, already in a job so doesn’t want to waste too much effort on interviewing for something that she is unlikely to get and isn’t even entirely sure that she wants.

The chart is above. The first thing you might notice is that the outer planets are not listed- horary techniques do not use Uranus, Neptune or Pluto…and heaven forbid any of the asteroids would come into the picture. This is a quick, traditional technique- and those planets weren’t known at that time.

Secondly, I have cast the chart using the Regiomontanus house system. Why? Because John Frawley told me so, and William Lilly told him (well, metaphorically given that I have never met John Frawley and given that William Lilly has been dead for like ever, John Frawley has never physically met him either).

So, the main points.

The person asking the question (the quesitor) is Lord 1, ie the planet ruling the Ascendant. As the Ascendant is Cancer (incidentally my clients Sun sign), Lord 1 is represented by the Moon, which is in Capricorn. As an aside her natal Moon is also in Capricorn.

The job is represented by Lord 10, ie the planet ruling the 10th house. As the 10th house is represented by Taurus, Lord 10 is Venus. Given that Venus is in rulership in Taurus and is next to Jupiter, this job is very good!

To see if she will get the job I look for an applying aspect between the Moon (Lord 1) and Venus (Lord 10). If there is an aspect, she will get the job (all other things being equal).

The nature of the aspect will tell us how difficult the process will be. In horary we look only at the ptolomeic aspects ie conjunction, square, opposition, trine and sextile.

In this case there is an applying aspect, and it is a trine. She will get the job easily.

Taking this one step further, Venus in Taurus exalts the Moon, they want her…a lot (she tends to be quite highly sought after in her industry). The job likes my client- normally “the job” doesn’t care who does it. (You may find similar dignity in charts where the quesitor has been head-hunted or “encouraged” to apply for the role).

The Moon in Capricorn, however, is in the sign of its detriment. Not happy at all where she currently is- or at least ho humming along.

We look to the 7th for rivals. Aside from representing partnerships, the 7th is also “open” or declared enemies. Any competitor falls into this definition. If Lord 7 (Saturn in this case) also aspects Lord 10 and will perfect the aspect before my client, they will get the role. In this case Saturn makes no aspect to Venus. There is no serious competition.

What else?

Lord 11 shows the proceeds of the job, the pay. In this case, that is Mercury which is, as we know, retrograde. The money is not great, in fact she would take a small decrease initially, but there is a lot of prestige and huge exposure.

Frawley also comments that the North Node or a strongly dignified planet in the 10th will be associated with fortune in 10th house matters. Venus and Jupiter are conjunct very close to the 10th house cusp, and Venus is in rulership. Need I say more?

Actually yes, if she does get the job before Mercury turns direct, she needs to check, recheck and check again the terms of whatever contract she is offered before signing.

The usual credit goes to the work of John Frawley and his wonderful books…If you are interested in Horary, grab at least “The Horary Textbook”, or “The Real Astrology.” Wanna have a go yourself? Astro.com (astrodienst- I haven’t put the full link here as it automatically picks up all my saved charts) can be used for free. The details entered should be for the moment the question is clear in your head and make sure you select Regiomontanus under the House System.


  1. would you have a look and see what is going on for me???
    I know my chart…what should I do ??
    Thank you for explaining Horary…best explanation yet..
    I am Sag ascendant/pluto in tenth/aries moon/pisces sun

  2. Hi Mercia. Thanks for your comments. If you would like a reading, check out the “Basics” tab at the top of the page (costs etc are in there) and send me through an email. Horaries are great fun to play around with & (for most questions) a really quick way of getting to an answer.

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