Hope, Faith and Optimism

Pic by me.
Pic by me.

I am writing this from a seat in Perth Domestic Airport waiting for a flight home, hopeful that not only will the schedule the airline is operating to match mine, but also that my bag will depart on the same flight as I do.


Last night I said a teary goodbye to a colleague and BFF who I am going to miss like hell. But with the goodbyes is a faith from both of us that not only will we stay in touch post partition, but that the ending that is happening will create a vacuum that opportunities can rush into. An optimism that endings will become beginnings.

Faith. Optimism. Hope. Three key words for the upcoming New Moon in Sagittarius (at around 2 Sagittarius, 4pmish Sydney time on Friday).

Coinciding with an eclipse, this is a super-charged New Moon, one in which you have permission to dream big, think big, and expand beyond your current boundaries.

A New Moon under which anything is possible- so be careful what you wish for and consider just how much you are prepared to risk for a chance to create your dreams. Interesting hey?

As with all New Moons, the dark precedes the light and things need to be finished or banished or whatever before space can be created for something new. Let go of what needs to be let go of, and take the time to clarify your intentions. Clarity being the point.

Mercury will be retrograde by the New Moon, so be extremely careful about committing to an action plan that will very likely require some review and adjustment.

Todays pic is of the Bell Tower down by the Swan River. I took this while out walking at 5.30 this morning…yep, there is no daylight saving in WA- apparently something about the chooks going off the lay.