Home and Dry- Mars in Cancer

© Olegmit | Dreamstime.com
© Olegmit | Dreamstime.com

My Personal Trainer has a title fight coming up next weekend.

That in itself is not that unusual- this is something he does fairly regularly- and he usually wins.

This time around things aren’t going to plan. His diet is clean, his training is mean, but he is having problems getting down to the required weight for his division (which is one of those super lightweight ones).

He is doing everything that he always does, but this time the results are different. The balance between eating enough to fuel training requirements, yet keeping calories and nutrients to a level that will allow him to achieve the small weight loss that is required is proving to be substantially more difficult than in the past.

What is different this time? Well, for a start both major planets in his chart are currently under some significant stress. An Aries Rising, Gemini Sun, his chart is ruled by Mars and his Sun by Mercury.

Mercury, as we are aware, is currently retrograde- which, in astrology terms is arguably about as bad a condition as a planet can be in.

Mars has just moved into Cancer and is in the sign of his Fall. Sure, his natal Mars is not in Cancer, but anyone with Mars as their chart ruler may find the next few weeks a bit of a wash-out, energy wise.

In Capricorn (the opposite sign to Cancer), Mars is exalted- exaggerated, if you like. When a planet is in the sign of its’ exaltation it is like he is a favoured guest. The ruling planet owns the home (in the case of Capricorn, this is Saturn), but the planet in exaltation will be given the favoured guest treatment- the fluffiest towels, the plumpest pillows and the 1000 count Egyptian cotton sheets.

When that planet travels into the opposing sign, however, very much the opposite occurs. Not only is the planet uncomfortable in this position, but he feels worse that he actually is- sort of like a man cold- and behave and perform at levels far below his best.

So it is now with Mars. His feet are wet, the house is cold and he is stuck inside with the worst relatives he could possibly imagine.  Sure, the food is good, but Mars needs forward momentum and Cancer just wants to sit around chatting about what the kids are up to and re-hashing the stuff from the past that no longer has any relevance.

In the signs that he rules (Aries and Scorpio), he is super strong and uber competitive.  Normal everyday activities become war- I (Scorpio Mars) am engaged in Scrabble War with my Mars Aries BMF…and there are no holds barred!

In Aries, Mars has the light of battle in his eyes and will drop everything to jump on his trusty steed, don the armour and yell CHARGE!!!!!! A quick victory is a good win. In Scorpio, Mars is passionately focused on the outcome to the exclusion of all else…no matter how long it takes! He is driven by power, sex, and the urge to achieve a victory that is transformational in its’ nature…a tad more meaningful than Words For Friends.

In Capricorn, where Mars is exalted, Mars is self-disciplined and driven to achieve- material and physical security, respect, title, respect, whatever.

In Cancer, however, Mars has gone soft and squidgy around the edges and is suffering just a tad from a bit of bloating or water retention. Mars, the hottest and driest and most masculine in nature or all the planets does not feel at all comfortable in Cancer- wet, cold and, being ruled by the Moon, possibly the most feminine of signs.

What is there to fight for in Cancer? The family? Work/life balance? Preservation of history or tradition? Sure, but what happens after lunchtime? Just what is the God of War to do when one has so many fears, vulnerabilities? What to do when one of your driving forces is to be needed…no one can look after you quite the way Mars in Cancer does.

That isn’t to say that Mars in Cancer won’t fight- he absolutely is tenacious when it comes to the protection of his loved ones. But what Mars in this position is missing in terms of competitive urges, he more than makes up for in his instincts when it comes to self- preservation.

Mars in Cancer doesn’t like to stray too far from his shell and needs to be connected to his roots in order to see his way forward.

The Moon rules Cancer and our subconscious needs and desires. As such, Mars in Moon ruled Cancer is more about subconscious cravings than overt assertive action. Fears and vulnerabilities hold him back (as does Cancer’s legendary moodiness), and goals are pursued intuitively, almost unconsciously.

Mars in Cancer is shy and will approach conflict side on- like a crab. He is passive aggressive rather than aggressive and may tend to nurture his negativity and frustrations in the way that he nourishes most things in life. As such, Cancers’ ability to hold onto a grudge is remarkable. Once emotionally engaged to a goal, however, Cancer can clarify his goals and will pursue them doggedly.

Women with Mars in Cancer will look for a partner who shows Cancerian principles-  someone who is attached to home and security, someone who will protect her and someone who takes the business of love seriously.  He may have planets in Cancer, or a very full 4th house, or the Sun, or Mars in close aspect to the Moon.

Women with Mars in Cancer will treat all matters of the heart, well, to heart. Love is not a game. but she will have this ability to emotionally tune into the needs of her partner.

Cancer Men, or men with Mars in Cancer are very much in touch with their feelings. This can be an unfortunate position for men as our society has conditioned us to see men as hard, driving, steely edged physical forces of nature. Cancer is not an especially physical sign, but an incredibly sympathetic sign. For all this, it is a sexual sign, but with physicality tied in closely to emotional security and needs.

And seriously, who doesn’t want a lover who is protective, wants you to need him, is sensitive to your needs and, most likely, can cook too! His sexual response will be intuitive, strong and largely unconscious. His needs will be deep and his desires not governed by logic, but by feeling.  And the best bit? As long as you want and need him, he will be unlikely to stray too far and will welcome you with open arms when you make it back home and dry.

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