High Heels and Hangovers


So, I’m now writing monthly horoscopes.

But when a triple Pisces decides to commit to a regular horoscope column (and regular readers know the issues I have with the commitment word), she’s not going to do it for just anyone…and if there’s two things that this Pisces girl likes, it’s her heels and her vino.

Enter High Heels and Hangovers.

High Heels and Hangovers is the brainchild of Sydney based Jana Hocking. It’s about fashion, fun, men, mischief and mayhem. Now it has horoscopes. Mine.

Keen astro types will notice that I’ve concentrated on the effects of Venus and Mars retrogrades on each of the signs this month, so if you’ve been wondering about the impact of these two things on you, jump on over for a look. The link to this months post is here.