High Heels and Hangovers- Your Stars for April

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Life: The Sun is in your sign, so, little it’s all about you- isn’t it always? If your routines and habits have got a little off track over recent months, things should start moving again in April.

Love: The Full Moon on April 4 is in your relationship zone. Me vs we…how do you keep that balance?

Money: Action planet Mars is in your money zone this month. Consolidation is the word for this month.

Career: If you’ve been looking for something new, April 18 is your trigger to set some intentions and take the first few steps towards it. You mightn’t know what you’re stepping towards just yet.



Life: Action planet Mars is in your sign during April. This is your, for want of a better word, sign to get up and get moving. Now.

Love: The eclipse on April 4th could herald some changes in relationships with colleagues and those who work for you. It’s all about equity, appreciation- and the balance between the two. If you’re the one who does all the calling, it might be worth addressing.

Money: Venus moves into your money zone on April 12th.

Career: Plans that have stagnated since December could get a new burst of energy.



Life: Lurve planet Venus is in your sign from April 12th . Don’t it make you feel good?

Love: The Full Moon and Eclipse on April 4th falls in the part of your life that’s about falling in love and having fun. On the other side of this Full Moon is friendship and dreams. Don’t be surprised if the spark that’s lit has been right under your nose the whole time.

Money: A great month for spending on yourself, your wardrobe and anything that will change or upgrade your image a little…or a lot.

Career: Use April 18th New Moon to set some intentions around dreams and goals. This is also a great time to join clubs or groups that can help you turn those dreams into reality.



Life: Action planet Mars is energising that part of your life that is about goals- and the groups and networks that can help you achieve them. What have you done lately to make your dreams come true?

Love: The eclipse on April 4th will expose any issues in relationships at home or with family members. It pays to keep things in perspective.

Money: As expansive Jupiter begins to move forward again in your money zone, you should start to see things improve.

Career: How equal are your relationships with your manager and your employees? Sure there’ll always be a hierarchy ladder, but I’m talking about mutual respect. Are there steps you can take now to improve this balance?



Life: If you’ve had some personal projects stagnating since December, they could start to move again in April. If you’ve still been pushing forward, you should have enough speed to pick up where you left off.

Love: The relationships you have with teachers, spirituality and your siblings and neighbours will be big themes this month.

Money: Once you get it, you need to hold on to it. April is a good month for financial planning.

Career: Is there a course or some extra study you’ve been meaning to do? Take some positive steps towards it in April.



Life: The New Moon on April 18th is a great reminder to sort out taxes, insurances and financial bits and pieces. Why not jot down where you want to be, investment wise, 12 months from now?

Love: If you’ve been dwelling on issues surrounding love that you haven’t wanted to deal with, opportunities could be presented to do so after April 8th.

Money: Check out the relationship you have with money. More going out than coming in? Time to balance that out.

Career: Venus will be flitting through your career zone from April 12th. She brings with her a reminder that you don’t need to do everything yourself.



Life: Pleasure planet Venus is sparking your desire to take a trip, learn something new, explore a different culture or spirituality- or all of the above.

Love: Ready to take your relationship up an intensity notch or three? The stars are aligning- the rest is up to you.

Money: Action planet Mars is energising your investment zone in April. Use this to make any long term financial planning decisions that you’ve been putting off making..

Career: If you’ve been feeling as though your dreams are on the backburner and you’re not getting as much out of your social circles as you’d like, you should start to get traction in April.



Life: If you’ve been thinking about making some changes to routines and habits, set your intentions at the New Moon on April 18th and take a least one step towards them.

Love: The eclipse on April 4th could open the door on something you’ve been trying to hide- or something that someone’s been trying to hide from you.

Money: Venus energises your investment zone from April 12. If there’s a decision that you’ve been putting off, gather the data that you need to make it.

Career: April could bring a resolution to a frustrating, stagnant situation at work. Be careful what you wish for.



Life: Have you been talking about taking up a new hobby? Something more creative? Don’t just sit there- go on, set the intentions and do something about it!

Love: Unattached Sadge’s could find themselves drawn to someone new. Attached Sadge’s might find a new way of reconnecting within an existing relationship. Or, you might just want to have some fun. I’ll leave that with you.

Money: April is more about reviewing existing financial plans and budgets than making new ones.

Career: How long has it been since you checked in on your dreams and goals? The Full Moon and eclipse on April 4th could show you the way.



Life: If you’ve been considering some household improvements or renovations, April could be the month you make it happen.

Love: Relationships at home and at work are the ones under the spotlight this month. The theme is one of balance, equity and partnerships. If you’ve been taking someone for granted- or vice versa- it might be time to take steps to address the situation.

Money: There could be a resolution to an issue around investments, taxes, settlements or inheritances that has stagnated over the last few months.

Career: There doesn’t need to be a complete separation of work and life- somewhere in the middle is a happy medium where both can exist.



Life: Have a think about the relationship that you have with your siblings, your neighbours…your teachers and those you look to for guidance. How equal is it? The Full Moon and eclipse on April 4th might expose any imbalances that exist.

Love: If your love life- or an issue associated with it- has felt frustratingly slow of late, expansive Jupiter could be about to rev things up again.

Money: If there’s more going out than coming in this month, it will be because your social and creative life is busy- and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Just take care not to jump into anything of a risky or speculative nature.

Career: Your career could benefit from enrolment in that course you’ve been putting off. It might also bring you into contact with people who can help you down the track.



Life: Venus is flitting through your home zone from April 12th, so if there are some improvements you’ve been wanting to make- perhaps just a little something to make your living space more beautiful- now is the time to do it.

Love: The eclipse on April 4th is shining a spotlight on your most intimate relationships.

Money: How long has it been since you checked in on your finances? Use the New Moon at April 18th to set some new intentions around budgets, savings plans, and spending.

Career: If you’ve been working on something in thee background, it will start to move a little faster during April. I hope that you’re ready for it.