Hey Now, This is What Dreams Are Made Of

Pic by me
Pic by me

Jupiter Transits of the 11th House

In Hong Kong there is a Taoist temple called the Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple*. As one of the busiest in Hong Kong it is like a small village of colourful roofs and pillars and amazing lattice work. The air hangs heavy with the smoke of hundreds and hundreds of sticks of burning incense.

Incense Sticks. Pic by me.
Incense Sticks. Pic by me.

People come here for the usual prayers and devotions. Others come here to have their fortunes told using the chim**, bamboo fortune sticks. Essentially you shake the box of numbered sticks until one falls out. That stick is then taken to one of the many fortune tellers lining the outside of the Temple and its meaning told to you for free.

Behind the main temple is the Good Wish Gardens. They say they when you go to Good Wish Gardens you have to be really really sure that what you wish for is what you really want- because more often than not, wishes made here will come true. As with all of these claims there is, of course, the fine print that your wish should be made with intent and focus and not infringe on the happiness or free will of another.

I did the incense thing, I did the chim thing. A little dried up man who was wearing so many sets of beads that they clinked in time with his steps  grabbed the stick number, looked at my palm and told me I would make my fame and fortune with a pen and have my heart broken by a man. He also told me that my wish would come true- that some things we fight are inevitable. It hasn’t yet, but then again, I can’t swear that it was made with true intent and I did have so many hopes and dreams running through my head as I wished.

When Jupiter goes through your 11th house, your hopes and dreams for the future will gain wings.  Whether it is to fulfil a long held ambition, create a bucket list or plan to save the world- you will be dreaming, you will be idealistic, you will have hope. This doesn’t necessarily mean that your dreams will come true at this time, although they very well may. More often, it will be that you finally start to understand what you really want and begin to work towards it.

As with all things Jupiter, perspective is important and ego is secondary. Robert Hand writes in Planets in Transit:

The nature of this house is that if the improvements in your life do not affect others, the changes will not be meaningful or long-lasting.

Friends and groups have enhanced importance during a Jupiter 11th house transit. You may find yourself interacting with many more like-minded people- this is never a time to attempt to go it alone.

Transits to the 11th house will also form challenging aspects to the 5th house (opposition) and the 2nd and 8th. During this transit friends may become lovers, your dreams may have you taking more risk or giving birth to some creative venture. In this way, and through additional social interaction, your personal resources (2nd house) and credit cards (or other 8th house issues) may also take a hit.

The year Jupiter was travelling through my 11th (2 years ago) it was as if all of my friends were leaving me. Five good friends left in the first few months of that year- 3 to move overseas, and 2 to move interstate. Two of those friendships lasted, one changed completely (for the better) and two drifted into acquaintance territory.

What this did was create a gap for more people to enter my lives and for other friendships to change in nature. I became more involved with some of the astro people I had met and made new friends in that community- something I probably wouldn’t have otherwise done. By letting go of existing ties, Jupiter had created the opportunity and room for this to occur. It sort of brings to mind that email that goes around every so often about how people are brought in and out of your life for a reason or a season.

As I was making those wishes in the colourful hexagonal pavilion that is the Unicorn Hall in the Good Wish Garden, I did try to remember to be careful of what I wished for, that sometimes what we really want is not what we need. But then I closed my eyes and wished anyway. This is what dreams are made of.

Good Wish Gardens, pic by me.
Good Wish Gardens, pic by me.

*To get there take the MTR to Wong Tai Sin in Kowloon

** I bought myself a really posh set of chim from Shanghai Tang in the Pedder Building in Central