Here we go again….

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Mercury has slowed right down and is getting ready to turn retrograde (in about 19 hours time). Whilst I am in a bit of a “lets ride the gauntlet and see what happens” mood, I am sure there are others of you out there with just a tad more responsibility and maturity than what I am feeling.

In fact, I have a million and one ideas and options and creative bits and pieces floating around in the mosh pit of my brain, so think this should be a great time to do some re word stuff.

But, enough about me, let’s talk about you.

Now we all know the basics about Mercury retrograde:

  • The planet isn’t really going backwards, it just appears that way from where we stand here on Earth
  • During any retrograde cycle of any planet we bring our attentions within. The energy of the planet is intensified, and that energy is brought within. In that case of Mercury that means how we think, how we transmit messages and how messages are communicated and understood around us
  • this is your signal to slow down, go within, review, revise, rewind. We review and revise in our head the nature of the area of life this retrograde is happening in for us. With our brains occupied in a different way we lose focus on what is happening around us- and that is when things, generally shitty things happen.

We know all about the re words:

  • Take the time to recharge your batteries
  • Revise your goals
  • Review your bright ideas
  • Regain your faith in the future
  • Recommit to habits, goals, the things you need to recommit to
  • Reconnect with colleagues & friends you haven’t seen or spoken to for some time
  • Renew and refresh whatever is jaded and old
  • Revisit places, books, movies that mean something to you
  • Rest and relax

We know the type of things Mercury retrogrades can impact:

  • Appointment times
  • Travel times & arrangements
  • Computers, phones & other electronic devices
  • Getting to & from places
  • Contracts and other documents

And we know how to mitigate the possible damage:

  • Re-confirm appointments
  • Check & re-check your travel arrangements
  • Insure your luggage and tickets and make sure you have copies of all travel documents- preferably not in your bag
  • Avoid mechanical problems, by making sure your car services are up to date
  • Back up computers
  • Avoid purchasing any major technology over this period
  • Avoid signing contracts, but if you have to, make sure you have read & re-read all the fine print
  • If you must commence a new project, do the scoping work carefully- and seriously people, we should be doing this anyway!
  • If you have any changes going “live” or being implemented, test, re-test, regression test, test the back out, test the install & test again. Test.

We even know the people most likely to be impacted by the retrograde cycle:

  • People with strong Mercury charts eg people with the Sun, Moon, Ascendant or Mercury in Mercury ruled signs ie Gemini or Virgo.
  • People with these planets in the 3rd house
  • People who have the Sun, Moon, Mercury or Ascendant in the sign which is receiving the retrograde
  • People who have planets or chart points at the position where Mercury stations- either to go retrograde or direct.

Essentially those who have a crappy Mercury (such as my own- the worst Mercury in history) tend (with some exceptions) to escape relatively lightly. Why? Because natally our Mercury operates in the same way as when it is retrograde- we review and revise and go into our own heads as part of a normal day.

So, what makes a bad (and when I say bad I don’t mean evil bad, I mean that it works differently to the way Mercury is supposed to work…personally mine is crappy, but it suits me- if you know what I mean) Mercury?:

  • Mercury in Pisces (check)
  • Mercury in the 12th house (check)
  • Mercury tightly aspecting Neptune
  • Mercury retrograde natally (check)

This year all the Mercury retrogrades take place in fire signs. This changes the playing field a little. Whilst this one starts in Virgo, the bulk of the retrograde period will be when Mercury is in Leo.

This means that:

  • People who have the Sun, Moon, Ascendant or Mercury in Leo will be impacted by this retrograde
  • If you have planets or chart points (eg Ascendant, Midheaven, Descendant or IC) at 1 Virgo (where Mercury stations to go retrograde) or 18 Leo (where he stations to go direct), you will also feel this one.

Fire Mercury is assertive, impulsive, demonstrative and energetic. Leo Mercury is all of these things. So, the types of things we may expect (in addition to the above) are:

  • Tempers may flare quicker than usual for seemingly insignificant reasons
  • Even if a decision is incorrect it may be implemented as course is difficult to change and integrated closely with pride, confidence & ego.
  • Questions of faith & spiritualism may be raised
  • Ideas may be exaggerated & over-elaborated

For all of us, check out where 18 Leo- 1 Virgo falls in your chart. This is the part of life where you need to do extra re stuff. As an example, in my case this transit is in my 6th house. Mercury will pass back across Venus and station direct exactly (to the minute) on the cusp of my 6th house. The 6th is associated with health (actually sickness), the work we outsource and the services that we perform. Nope, doesn’t sound real exciting to me either.

Where does Leo fall in your chart? What are your plans for this particular retrograde?

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  1. Crappy mercury, eh? Here I was, wondering whilst reading your blog what sign your mercury was in because you’re able to articulate things so well… hah. Maybe it’s the affinity- I also have mercury in a water sign ( scorpio ) . Anywho, good post. I’m pulling up my Capricorn Ascendant sleeves, to check, recheck, and then check again ( with or without mercury retrograde I tend to do this. But now it’s all the more reason… )- for any inconsistencies or errors that may surface during this period. Bless 🙂

    ( And yes, my name is Jo as well. :O )

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