Here comes the Suns…


You know, I love Jupiter.

That probably goes without saying.

I respect him too.

That probably needs a little more explanation.

You see, Jupiter’s not like other planets.

Once upon a time millions of millennia ago, possibly even longer ago than that, there was a point at which Jupiter could have been a star- the Sun around which others orbited.

Things didn’t work out that way.

Instead Jupiter is referred to as “a failed star”, told he isn’t nearly “big enough” to be considered.

Any other planet would be resentful of this, maybe look to take it out on others- the planetary equivalent of Napoleon syndrome, perhaps. Not Jupiter.

Jupiter doesn’t bitch about why he was overlooked. He doesn’t ask what the Sun has over him- why the Sun was chosen to be the star of this solar system. He doesn’t gather with everyone else and speculate about who the Sun must have slept with to get the gig. He doesn’t try and put anyone else down. He doesn’t leak something not very nice to the media. He doesn’t challenge anyone to duke it out to see who is the bigger man. He’s happy to serve under the King.

Jupiter mightn’t be a star, but he acts like a star.

He radiates energy, he sends optimism, he represents abundance, he opens doors, he highlights exits.

Under his influence things happen more quickly.

The thing is, Jupiter doesn’t have a lot of discrimination- he doesn’t really care if you take the opportunity, walk through the door or use the exit. He doesn’t make any judgement about whether the thing he is moving more quickly you actually want to happen.

You think it- he shrugs and says, “sure.” He doesn’t ask “are you sure?”

You dream it- he shrugs and says “sure.” He doesn’t ask “are you sure?”

Over the next couple of days Jupiter will join forces with the Sun.

This is happening in Gemini, so it’s likely to be noisy and full of ideas.

Speaking of which, some of these ideas will be great, some will be crap, some will be full of hot air, some will be the missing links you’ve been searching for.

It’s also likely to be hot.

If you have planets (especially personal planets) or chart points at or around 27-29 Gemini, Pisces, Virgo or Sagittarius, you have a window of opportunity to grab some of this for yourself. It might mean dragging yourself kicking and screaming out of your comfort zone, but there is a window.

If you have planets (especially the personal planets) at the same degrees of Aquarius, Libra, Aries or Leo (especially Leo), you guys also have a good view of that curtain and the light that exists beyond it.

Jupiter doesn’t care if you jump out of it or not. He doesn’t even care if you keep the curtains drawn. The window is there- the rest is up to you.



  1. Hmmm, Jupes will be conjunct my Moon…So far since losing my Scorp/Gem Moon father in Late March i have managed to whack on 5 kilos … Since last week i have been setting the alarm clock for 5am and started running again…So my round about question is, Is Jupiter making me eat eat eat my way through my emotions ? And And how can i join forces with him to be on my side doing the ”good Jupiter eating” …. I would like to come out the other side of winter not 10 kilos heavier !!! Come on Jupes…(PS i was reading through some old posts on your fabo site Jo, and came across a chart that had Jupes as Pisces ruler ? Was this before Neptune ?) Toots

    1. Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces. I don’t believe you can understand Pisces without including both Jupiter AND Neptune. Jupiter conjunct your Moon would definitely be contributing to emotional eating- it’s one of the things he does very well!

      1. Wow, I didnt realise that about PIsces/Jupiter, shall get onto your Jupiter posts in ”Getting Organised” section (Pisces rising). Thank you. I think i will be putting a chain round the fridge, or a muzzle on..its not junk food … its artisan bread, and chees, which possibly if i didnt purchase, wouldnt make it into the house ! Blessings.

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