Here comes the Mirror Man…


Full Moon 0 Aquarius 06’

NZ, July 23, 6.15am

Sydney, July 23, 4.15am

WA, SE Asia, July 23, 2.15am

London etc, July 22, 7.15pm

New York etc, July 22, 2.15pm

Los Angeles etc, July 22, 11.15am

…or thereabouts…

The Full Moon in Aquarius is all about acknowledging all the bits and pieces that make us individual, yet also all the bits and pieces that we have to work with in order to co-exist in society. The Full Moon in Aquarius is that point where we acknowledge that we quite simply can’t do it alone.

Socially cohesive tribes who have common goals, watch each others backs and trust each other have an awful lot of advantages. Even fish know this. Just watch schools of fish wheeling and turning together, presenting a united front to the shark who sees them simply as entrée course. The individual is less important than the tribe. All of their differences are all brought together to form the whole…yet each still continues (assuming they don’t end up as dinner, that is) to exist and express themselves as an individual- however it is that fish express themselves, I guess…

We are also tribal. To exist we need others. To achieve our personal goals we need interaction with others- regardless of whether we like them, tolerate them, agree with them or can identify with them. It’s not surprising that the cooperative has adapted and flourished and adapted and flourished. And yes, the repetition was deliberate.

The problems begin when two groups compete with each other for something that the other wants…when egos get in the way.

From a personal viewpoint, I‘ve never felt that I fitted neatly into any pre-defined pigeon-hole. And, with most planets in my chart hitting Uranus, I’m actually quite proud of all the little weird quirks that make me who I am. Yet I always made an outward effort to conform- to the degree that is necessary for survival.

Growing up in the Lions Den, I had different beliefs and causes to those shared by the rest of my family, yet we have always muddled along together somehow. At school, I was never one of the cool kids or the nerds or anything in between. At work I outwardly towed the corporate line, whilst seething inside at the injustice or inequality or intolerance or personal compromise that was required. We all do it…to a certain extent…

At some point over the last few years, I have worked out that being yourself is OK. It’s OK to embrace the quirks and dare to be yourself. It’s OK to enjoy own time and just as OK to prefer to surround yourself with others of a like mind. It’s OK to love the way you choose and the people you choose to love.

We each bring to the table something different for the melting pot. And, in my view (turn away here if you don’t want to read an opinion, and please don’t write to me if you don’t agree) as long as your own quirks do not cause harm or hurt to anyone or anything else or impede the free will or choices of anyone or anything else, well, I guess anything goes. As individuals we form that conglomerate that is humanity, and as humanity we need to recognize that every individual plays a part and deserves to be treated humanely.

It’s all too easy to share with and associate with those only who reflect ourselves- the person we see in the mirror. Yet just how rich and fulfilling can it be to also identify with those who don’t?