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The Winged Messenger, Symbalon Cards
The Winged Messenger, Symbalon Cards

The Sun has now been in Gemini for a couple of weeks and I still haven’t blogged Gemini. Why? Certainly not because I have been too busy. Also not because Gemini is one of those signs I have issues with… but simply because I haven’t found the right song or song lyrics.

I decided to save the brain and go to my blog archives, thinking I would just use what I wrote last year:

 “The Sun enters chatty Gemini on Thursday. With it comes choice and possibility, a tendency to superficiality and endless opportunities for distraction.

If your Sun is in Gemini, you will be social, fun, able to talk under wet cement, know lots of stuff about lots of things and lots of people and generally have an attention span that expired about 2 sentences ago. “

Mmmmm, not a lot of help.

Gemini is purely and solely motivated by information. Finding information out, exchanging it, storing it, doing stuff with it. It is what makes Gemini so very social and so very talkative. So, I looked for songs about talking, and most of them were quite simply not nice- like George Thorogoods’ You Talk Too Much:

“Now you get on the telephone with your girlfriend
Your conversation baby ain’t got no end
Yakety-yakety-yakety-yak all the time”

Sure, we joke that Gemini can talk underwater, but when you have so much in your brain and so much you need to know and so much you need to say- why not? Words are really important… and Gemini knows how to use theirs to ask the questions on top of questions they need to ask to get the information they need to know.

Gemini’s real creative talent lies in their ability to connect the dots- to grab snippets of data from here and there and connect it all together into a single cohesive idea. To do this, Gemini needs to have as many points and methods of contact as possible. Gemini hates to be out of communication range.

Being a mutable sign, Gemini is changeable, flexible and seemingly unfocused on a single end point. It is this that leads to the generalisation that Gemini can be two faced, fickle and devious. Quite simply, though, Gemini is whoever she needs to be and can be the ultimate chameleon if necessary.

So, then I thought about Kate Miller Heidke’s Words (Check it out on YouTube):

“Are these words working do they work for you?

Is there something wrong between us?

Is there something I can do?

Is there some way I can take back all the times you threw away?

Been burning up the decade when you should’ve seized the day


I wonder why you’re talking ’cause you’re talking all the time

Will you ever get the message and just leave it all behind

The conversation’s trivial but trivial is fine

When held up to the light


Do you think my personality is written in stone?
Are you positively certain that you know what you've been shown
I'm a snapshot of the person that you think I ought to be”


Gemini is happy only when juggling- jobs, tasks, lovers even…but only to satisfy her many interests, ensure her options are kept open (the back up plan, so to speak) and because boredom is her biggest fear. When bored or trapped or deprived of social activity, the evil twin shows her face. It is at this point that information can turn into gossip… and no one is more capable of re-writing the truth than Gemini without any other gainful mental employment!

Like all Air signs, Gemini is able to detach to a certain extent. The information he seeks is generally not coloured by messy, watery emotional crap. Unless he is blessed (?) with a Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) or possibly even a Taurus Moon, Gemini can appear shallow. That isn’t to say that she isn’t experiencing hurt or pain or sorrow, just that it doesn’t last for long- Gemini has the happy knack of being able to talk it out and deal with it and then dance on to the next flirtation. Trust me, I am jealous!

Gemini is able to spin around in a million different directions, trying a little of this, flirting with a little of that. This gives Gemini an ever youthful flavour. It also can make Gemini extremely exhausting to be around- even for Gemini himself!

Back to my music library, I thought about using Kylie Minogue’s Spinning Around or  Dead or Alive’s You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)– both are about fun, reinvention, fun and…well, fun.

Gemini is the eternal student and absolutely needs to learn new things, travel to new places, listen to different viewpoints and explore diversity in all its forms. Usually he is able to do this without judgement, but rather a genuine interest to know and to understand.

Wherever Gemini is in your chart* is where these traits will be displayed. For example, I have Gemini on the cusp of my 4th house. I moved around a lot as a kid, but even today, my ties to home are not great. I don’t need strong foundations. I love to entertain at home, and fill the place with music and books. I have no planets in Gemini, so this is how it comes through in my chart.

If you have Gemini on the cusp of the 11th house, Gemini will be shown in the way you make friends or attach yourself to groups, whereas if it is on the cusp of the 7th house, those Gemini traits will come through in your attitude to relationships with others…speaking of which…

If you want to grab a Gemini’s interest, don’t waste your money on intimate candlelit dinners for two, or cosy evenings under a rug watching old movies. Unless she has her Moon in one of the signs mentioned above, she will switch off after the 1st couple of dates. Gemini wants to be out- talking, dancing, flirting- and meeting new people. For Gemini, if her brain is bored, it won’t matter how great your biceps or abs are or how good you are in bed, she will turn off. For Gemini, words are foreplay, so phone sex, sexting and even cyberplay may all keep the interest alive. And for goodness sake, tell her how you feel- she needs to know in words.

The same goes for Gemini guys. Cook for him, by all means, but get a group together or go out afterwards.  This is not a man who will spend his weekends perched in front of the football drinking beer. Sure looking great will catch his eye initially, but he doesn’t want someone who will lie there and think of England. Nor does he want someone who will agree with his every word. If you want to keep his interest, don’t ever try to lock him away-the switch is in his head and this is one man who loves games.

Above all, Gemini treats life as if it is a great party with a never endings supply of newness. It is this cheeky, quirky cheerfulness that finally made me decide on the appropriate soundtrack for Gemini- Hello Hello by The Cat Empire. Check it out on YouTube.

Walking down the street
with some evil in my eye
and some thoughts in my head
that were making me feel high
on my head was a hoodi
in my ears was some bass
was walking by my dog
when I saw that sexy face
come towards me
with a little cheeky smile
if she was a phone
I’d pick her up and dial
the fire brigade
or zero zero zero
she stopped me in my tracks
and I said ‘mmm hchello hchello…’



*A great reference for understanding signs in houses can be found at http://www.astrology-numerology.com/housecusps.html. The site is copyright by Michael McClain and is a great source of info- especially for astro-newbies.