Featured Stars Gemini

Hello Hello…


Ruler: Mercury


Detriment: Jupiter


Polarity: Masculine/ Positive

Modality: Mutable

Element: Air

Body Parts: hands, fingers, lungs, nerves. In the body Gemini represents connection and dispersal of energy.

Nature: hot, moist, quick and nervous

Motivation: To communicate, to learn, to connect. The Gemini end point is perception.

So anyways, you know I’ve been in Bali for the last 2 weeks, right? How could you not know? My instagram feed has been full of photos and and anyways is full of Bali posts.

We split our time between Ubud and Legian- the country and the sea…it made it 2 very different holidays. Ubud is, well, Ubud is a state of mind, a sense of being. It seems more spiritual. Legian is chaotic and raw and laid back in a different more beachy way. Both are hot and melty, but…same same only different.

The thing about both was the respite from noise.

How can I say that? Surely it’s all noise- especially in Legian?


The noise I’m talking about is the noise that had been in my head. The numbers, the pressures, the constant- and I mean constant- stress. Before I went away, I could even hear the noise of my own heart beating fast in my head. Too fast.

Bali was a necessary pause- it put the world on mute for a couple of weeks.

For the last few days that metaphorical mute has become literal- as these things often do- I can’t hear out of my right ear… Gives new meaning to water on the ear, right? The same thing happened last year- and the year before. It’s almost like the Universe is helping me shut the noise out for a few more precious days.

Hubby and I were talking about it the other day. We were in a restaurant down in Legian eating watery chicken curry and laughing and singing along to an Indonesian Beatles cover band.

‘This is what I’d miss if we stayed in Seminyak,’ he said. ‘Sure the food is better, and there are less hawkers, but this is fun.’

I agreed with him. ‘A villa would be nice, though…don’t you think? Quieter, no huge family groups and no one to commandeer all the pool lounges.’

‘Too quiet,’ he said. ‘I couldn’t do it.’

He couldn’t. His idea of hell would be one of those super posh adults only resorts or private villas where the air is rarified, completely insulated from the outside and your every whim taken care of.

I don’t like the idea of rarified air, insulation or being looked after when I can do it perfectly well myself…and I still have enough red ragger (as hypocritical as it is these days) in me to dislike the idea of personal staff. But the quiet…oh the quiet sounded good. As did the private pool.

I told him that. He looked skeptical. The thing is, he likes people. He likes to have them around, he likes to be in the middle of them. He likes tours because there are other people. He likes bars because there are other people. He likes resorts because there are other people.

He has a Gemini Moon- he needs all of that to feel secure. I have a Pisces Moon- I need something very different. We agreed to disagree…

The Sun is now in Gemini and one thing that does tend to happen in Gemini season in our house is painting and decorating. At present my hallway and family room is striped with different colours that I’m trying to decide between. A little bit of this, a little bit of that. I’m about to head down to the hardware store for more samples. Something else we agree to disagree on.

This makes sense- Gemini is in my 4th house, so when the Sun comes through this part of the chart every year, my attention falls to 4th house type interests. It’s as if the Sun is warming through this part of my chart- bringing with it creativity and energy.

During Gemini season we socialize more at home- experimenting with different recipes, different styles, asking different people. I find that I prefer to stay in rather than go out. I also tend to try new authors, read and listen to different genres, faff about with different apps.

Wherever Gemini is in your chart will be the part of life that is energised for the next month. It’s worth following the Sun in this way- it helps you direct your attention to areas where the energy flows more freely.

Don’t know where Gemini is in your chart? You’d better read this post first.

Otherwise, use this solar guide:

Gemini Sun or Gemini Rising- 1st house

Cancer Sun or Cancer Rising- 12th house

Leo Sun or Leo Rising- 11th house

Virgo Sun or Virgo Rising- 10th house

Libra Sun or Libra Rising- 9th house

Scorpio Sun or Scorpio Rising- 8th house

Sagittarius Sun or Sagittarius Rising- 7th house

Capricorn Sun or Capricorn Rising- 6th house

Aquarius Sun or Aquarius Rising- 5th house

Pisces Sun or Pisces Rising- 4th house

Aries Sun or Aries Rising- 3rd house

Taurus Sun or Taurus Rising- 2nd house

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