Heathcliff, Wuthering Heights and Venus in Scorpio

Not exactly Wuthering Heights- the Desert Rd,north Island, NZ (Pic by me)
Not exactly Wuthering Heights- the Desert Rd,north Island, NZ (Pic by me)

Wuthering Heights is one of my all time favourite books. It has all the ingredients of a truly obsessive, passionate, all consuming romance… with a bit of revenge thrown in…and that gets me going quite nicely thank-you very much. I don’t think Emily Bronte was interested in astrology- it wasn’t really the done thing back in those days for well brought up young girls… (actually writing such a heavy handed romance probably wasn’t the done thing either, which was probably why she published it as Ellis Bell). That being said, Heathcliff is incredibly scorpionic:

  • Abandoned as a child, he transforms himself into a wealthy and powerful man- like a phoenix from the ashes, he is reborn and unrecognisable.
  • He had magnetism and sex appeal to coax Isabella into running away with him
  • His love for Cathy was all consuming, undying and obsessive. He was not prepared to share her. The scene where he does the unthinkable and opens her grave in order to ensure that in death he can be as one with her is base level Scorpio.
  • Revenge fantasies… need I say more? Heathcliff patiently builds his fortune and plots the downfall of those who have hurt him- revenge being served very cold indeed.

I could go on, but you get the picture?

(Pic by me)
(Pic by me)

Emily Bronte has not been the only author over the years to use the Heathcliff imagery. Many romance novelists unconsciously use the male Scorpio archetype as their Hero.  Consider, a powerful, magnetic presence, extremely male, with eyes a girl could melt in and a mesmerising physical presence which can be felt and inhaled. Despite her best efforts she can’t resist the attraction, and hates herself for it, but his raw sexuality is the stuff fantasies are made of. The Hero himself is incredibly private and manages to control his feelings behind the pain of previous heartbreak that must be acknowledged and dealt with before he can give himself to the heroine and be transformed by love. He sends signals so subtle that she is unsure of his feelings and often struggles between the fantasy being played out in her head against what he says and how he acts. Welcome to Venus in Scorpio.

Venus in Scorpio is considered in traditional astrology to be in her detriment. Scorpios natural secrecy, paranoia and reluctance to trust makes it difficult for love to be given and received freely. These traits often lead others to consider Venus in Scorpio as being anti-social, but really she just likes to stand on the sidelines and observe.

In order to feel close to others she must feel intensely. This is emotional and physical penetration- something which can be quite frightening to signs not as motivated by their emotions. It can be especially un-nerving to Venus in air and fire signs where freedom and a level of detachment are required in order to function at their most creative. Venus in Scorpio has no time for detachment- relationships are all-consuming and ultimately healing.

(Pic courtesy of www.dreamstime.com)
(Pic courtesy of www.dreamstime.com)

Women with Venus in Scorpio are intensely sexual. This is the archetypal vamp whereby her sexuality and her ability to attract becomes very much part of her ego and confidence- more so, perhaps, than her ability to connect with her partners in a non sexual manner. A woman with Venus in Scorpio is able to have sex like a man (remember that episode of Sex and the City?).

A man with this placement is after a powerful woman, someone with Scorpio traits, a strong Mars identity, someone who is into intense relationships. He wants to be transformed through his relationships. The perfect housewife need not apply- this man needs passion and intensity. Twin sets and pearls don’t have a place… unless they are used for role-playing in the bedroom… but that is the subject of an entirely different post 🙂

Venus is in Scorpio from November 9 to December 1… enjoy 🙂  

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