New Moons are always pretty special. Part of this is because for those couple of days before, the sky is pitch dark. There is no light. Things are ending and they’re ending there in the dark behind the blackness. Past where you can see.

I’ll let you in on a little secret- I’m scared of the dark. But it’s more than dark, it’s about what’s out there or under there or in there- the things I can’t see and therefore can’t know about that I’m scared of.

When I was younger, probably about the same age as Miss 14 is now, or perhaps a little older, my family used to holiday on Greenmount Beach at Coolangatta on Queensland’s Gold Coast. Every year Mum & Dad would pile all of us in the car for the long journey and every year we would stay at this old fibro Queenslander right on the beach. Dad used to throw his flip flops at the cockroaches. Of course it’s gone now….

Anyways, in those days I used to swim the length of the beach before breakfast, out there past the breakers. The ocean didn’t scare me, but what I couldn’t see under me in the dark water did. Every time I was out there, I was trying to beat my own fears.

These days what I am scared of gets pushed away or under the carpet as I pop my fingers in my ears and do the whole lalalalalala not listening thing.

But these few days before the New Moon are the best time for banishing fears and things we no longer have uses for. Whether it is ideas, habits, stuff in your head that shouldn’t be there. Hopefully you’ve done this.

The New Moon is like a blackboard just waiting to be written on with a bright highlighter- much like this wattle is brightness here in Aus after the darkness of the winter.

I’ve been writing a lot this week about stages, plays and directions. Some signs are naturally at home behind the curtains, while others van petulantly stamp their beautiful feet and demand their rightful spot just there- centre stage, under the spotlight and with the best lines.

This is Leo. Normally. Sure we all know some Leos who, for whatever reason, may lurk around the edges rather than be front and centre, but at the heart of all Leo is a need to express. Talents, passions, voice- all require you take risks…all require a great big, brave heart.

In the body, Leo rules the heart- both physically and energetically. In nature, Leo is the King. In the Wizard of Oz, he was looking for courage. But above all, he wants to feel proud. Not necessarily flamboyant, but just proud.

The Leo New Moon is, therefore, the most creative of new starts. Leo, ruled by the Sun, is about ego, self expression, creativity. Given the Sun’s propensity to send out its’ warmth, Leo is also arguably the most generous sign. Leo is the Sun and the Sun is the hero.

With Leo, though, the fear of potential exposure of something coming out from the dark or grabbing your leg when swimming is never that far away… metaphorically speaking. Leo’s challenge is to find heart, strength and courage without losing himself in the process.

In any case, at this New Moon, supportive links from Mars and Saturn provide the opportunity for you to have a practical look at who you should be taking on this journey with you.

OK, the technical details. This New Moon is at 25 Leo 8’, so those most impacted will be Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio and Taurus planets at or around, say, 23-27 degrees of those signs. Aries, Gemini, Libra and Sagittarius planets between 24-26 degrees may also feel it. But as with all lunations (that’s a technical astro word for New Moons and Full Moons), the closer the orb the better…well the more likely you will feel it in some way.

Check out where this falls in your chart. It is that part of life where you are being asked to look for courage and strength, but above all self-expression, generosity and creativity. It is where you are being asked to follow your heart and be who you are, not who you should be. There is a difference.

I’ll leave you with this incredible view of the milky way from Mars…

Leo is, after all, also about fun…

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