Neptune Retrograde

Love the Fall


Neptune is almost stationary and will turn retrograde on 5 June at 3 Pisces 9’.

Being the planet of spiritualism and delusion can be exhausting- all those artists to inspire, all that illusion to create, all that intuition and psychic ability to enhance, all that fog and wonderful haze.

The downside of a Neptune transit, however, can be an increased need to escape, self-doubt and paranoia (very often for no reason) and an absent minded “whatever” attitude. That would be the fog and haze.

Neptune transits are a time of heightened awareness, amazing mini series dreams and an unconscious need for spiritual growth of some description- this may be religious, it may be something else…but it will be true to your soul. You may be lifted into the rosy glow of a new romance, you may run off and join the circus or take to your bed with exhaustion for the duration of the transit. And then it’s over.

When Neptune turns retrograde, all of this turns inwards and intensifies. What can you do? Your focus is off, your judgement is off, your intuition is heightened and your sense of reality is distorted.

The answer? Go with it. But make your lists, identify what is really important and try and stay on game.

Pisceans will be more Piscean now. Anyone with Neptune closely aspecting the Ascendant, Sun or Moon will be more Piscean now. Anyone who has personal planets or chart points at or around 0 Pisces- 4 Pisces will be particular susceptible to the very special charms of this planet. Anyone with planets or major chart points at the station points (3 Pisces 9’ and 0 Pisces 21’) will require their fog lights. So that mate of mine with Venus at 0 Pisces 19’ (and you know who you are)- you have been put on notice.

Personally speaking, I have made some of the most spectacular mistakes of my life under Neptune transits, but it felt oh so right at the time. As painful as it all was, these were lessons I had to learn and, even though the aftermath may have broken my heart, whilst under the influence I would do it all over again. Neptune can be like a siren call and just as irresistible. I told you so’s are not only unwelcome but irrelevant- under the influence you do what you do.

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Great. My practical husband will be thrilled to know that his Piscean Sun/Ascendant wife will be even more off with the pixies than usual….

yep, mine was thrilled too 🙂 I told him his life is so interesting with me in it- that seemed to work.

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