Happy New Year…

Zodiac signs - Capricornus

In numerology, multi digit numbers are reduced down to a single digit between 1 and 9. That is, except for so called master numbers- 11,22 and 33. These numbers aren’t reduced and are special in their own right.

How do I know this? I’m an 11. The numbers in my birthdate add to 29, which reduces to 11.

1+2+3+1+9+6+7= 29

2+9= 11

The master number 11 is about i words- inspiration, illumination and intuition. It’s about incredible potential- often more than you know. It’s about power and it’s about emotional turmoil, about energy flows that are often uncontrollable, but ultimately transformational.

It sounds a little like Pluto-Moon, doesn’t it?

What does this have to do with astrology?

Easy. This New Moon, the New Moon that falls on New Years Day, is at 10 Capricorn 57’- pretty darned close to 11. It’s conjunct Pluto, at 11 Capricorn, square Mars at 11 Libra.

As an aside, the next New Moon- in Aquarius- also falls at 11 (or close to it at 10 Aquarius 55). The New Moon in Pisces can also be rounded up to 11.

Anyways, back to this New Moon. The New Moon with a great big 11 sitting behind it. The one that activates the cardinal t square. The one that has the potential to inspire some immensely radical, authentically powerful and transformational change. Number 11. Pluto Moon. In fact, if you’re not careful, the power of this New Moon is such that you could find yourself actually keeping your resolutions.

Pluto-Moon conjunctions usually bring up some emotional stuff from the depths. The thing is, you have to face the crap head on before you can move on and away from it. Pluto crap, however, is very often ugly and manky- the sort of thing you want to forget about, not dredge up and confront. I’ll leave that one with you, but given that this is a New Moon, a New Year, New Start Moon, I’d suggest that you stare it down before letting it go, rather than dig a hole to bury it again. If you completed the exercises I set you yesterday to celebrate and wave goodbye to 2013, you’re probably confronted this stuff.

Here’s the thing, a New Moon with this much potential power for change needs some heavy duty, big, hairy arsed goals to match.

With 5- count them (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus & Pluto)- planets in Capricorn at present, make sure that the goals that you set are realistic, disciplined, practical, long range, and require some amount of effort on your part.

Think about where 11 Capricorn falls in your chart. What planets & points does it hit? Any important aspects? Now work your goals and resolutions around these. Even though 11 Capricorn makes no close aspects in my chart, this is the 10th house for me and, as I mentioned the other day, Saturn and the 10th house are very active for me in 2014. My goals are all business related this year.

If you’re the type who is into intentions rather than goals, avoid stating what you don’t want, or what you want to lose- the Universe is busy multi tasking and doesn’t have time to sit around waiting to hear all the little words. It’s a little like when I say to my dog:

‘Hi Kali, after I finish this article, if the weather holds, we’ll go for a walk.’

She hears:

‘Blah Kali, blah blah blah blah walk.’

Using this logic, ‘I want to lose 20 kgs,’ could be construed as ‘blah 20 kgs.’

So, keep your intentions crisp, clear and precise….and real.