Happy New Year…again…

Tonight we’re combining our pantry with that of our neighbours. We do it a lot- usually at the last minute.

The text will come through:

What meat is in your fridge?

We’ve got chicken…you?

We’ve got steak.

I’ve got a lettuce…

We’ve got other salad veg.

Feel like some prawns?

Cool…your place at 7?

It’s too easy.

It just so happens that our neighbours are our closest friends, but we take care not to live in each others pockets. I don’t do exclusive friendships well, and nor does my neighbour.

Aquarius is a little like that- room to move, the freedom to be yourself and move to the beat of your own drum. It’s the freedom to draw near and then apart with equal confidence, the freedom to exist without apology or editing.

Tomorrow’s New Moon (at 21 Aquarius 43’) highlights the area of your chart where your uniqueness reigns supreme.

This New Moon has the majority of planets (with the exception of Uranus and Pluto) in either Air or Water signs- fixed or mutable. Do we attach or detach? Do we think or feel? This is classic head vs heart stuff.

This is very pertinent in the applying square between Venus and Saturn. Both are in fixed signs, so both know they are right. Aquarius doesn’t attach enough for obsession and Scorpio tends toward the opposite. Under the influence of this aspect, take care to look at your relationships with the blinkers off. This square is one where you may see faults and lies or fear and paranoia- the natural enemy of Scorpio- especially where none exist. It’s very likely that any discontent you’re feeling now is coming from within you.

Speaking of discontent, at this New Moon, Mercury and Mars are squaring off against Jupiter. This can be a reckless, restless aspect. You want to be more, do more, achieve more, dream more, risk more, say more…but how….and when…and NOW ALREADY!!!!!!!!!

Planets in Pisces have a habit of not considering the potential consequences, and this is one aspect where such consideration could potentially stop you from making a mistake of limitless proportions… However, over consideration of the potential consequences could also stop you from taking a risk that reaps limitless rewards. I’ll leave that one with you…

In any case, discontent- divine or otherwise- is usually a sign that something isn’t quite right. I know I’ve been suffering a lot from the “will everyone get the flip out of my head” blues today. Restless and reckless doesn’t begin to describe it- although Mercury and Mars are sitting on top of natal Mercury- that’s right, I’m having the first of 3 Mercury returns this year.

Anyways, an appropriate intention might be to look if there is somewhere in your life that is a little stuck, trapped, clogged- somewhere you want to be free to be yourself. I have a good idea about what this is in my life- I also have a good understanding of the consequences!

Oh, the Aquarius New Moon means that it is also New Year in the Chinese calendar and the year of the water snake. I don’t know a lot about this (google it- there is heaps out there) except that I don’t like snakes. Apparently monkeys are the only ones who handle snakes well- although this snake, being a water snake will supposedly be better than previous snake years (2001 & 1989). Snakes are associated with monsters- or the incarnation of monsters. Medusa anyone? Anyways, I’m going to roll 9 oranges across the threshold and make a wish- the oranges will bring good fortune through the door…so they say.

Gong Xi Fa Cai


The details?

New Moon in Aquarius, Sunday 10 February:

New Zealand 8.20pm

Sydney 6.20pm

Brisbane 5.20pm

West Coast Aus, South East Asia 3.20pm

London 7.20am

New York etc 2.20am

LA etc 11.20pm (9th)

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