Daily Planets Moon Virgo

Happy Birthday to me and a Full Moon in Virgo

Sunday 12 March, 2017

Mercury square Saturn

Virgo Full Moon 13/3/17 22 Virgo 13’ 1.54am (Sydney time)

Happy Birthday to me, happy birthday to me…

Yep, it’s my birthday today. I’m 50 – and I’m having a few problems adjusting to the reality of what that means.

It’s also a seriously weird birthday – and I know that even though I’m writing and scheduling this post last Sunday.

You see, my family are already in Queensland and I’ve been back in Sydney working and pacing up the house. I’ve spent the last few days on the Sunshine Coast with them, but will today be flying back to Sydney later this morning. There’s things to do and boxes to be packed and work tomorrow. I don’t want to be doing that – I want the living up here to start now. And I want to do the 50 thing with my family, not a planeload full of strangers.

Plus, I’m annoyed that because Queensland doesn’t have daylight saving (something about it making the curtains fade and the chooks go off the lay – yes, I’m serious) I’ll be losing an hour of my birthday – in addition to having to spend the majority of it transiting to and from airports. After all, it’s all about me…

Anyways, I know logically that this whole glass half empty mentality is a symptom of today’s Mercury-Saturn square – especially since Mercury is sitting on my Moon, meaning that Saturn is squaring it. It’s really no wonder that I’m having a woe is me moment.

The thing is, today and what is going on is only part of the big picture. At the moment it feels like it’s all of the picture, but it’s absolutely not. Dwelling on the gloom and the responsibilities is blinding me to the adventure that begins when this is all wrapped up. And yes, that is the best way to deal with Mercury square Saturn – to remind yourself that the greyness is only a part of your reality. Be practical by all means – it will help you get things done – but don’t forget to actively balance that practicality with a little light daydreaming. It could just lift you out of your obsession with the details.

Which, of course, leads me neatly into the upcoming Virgo Full Moon. Exact in the early hours of tomorrow morning for those of us on the East Coast of Australia and New Zealand, the Virgo Full Moon is about balancing perfection with imperfection. Like dwelling on that new wrinkle that doesn’t seem to disappear in my forehead. I know that my lines are the result of a lot of expression – and that doesn’t worry me…normally. Right now, though, I’m really noticing them. Knowing me, by tomorrow I’ll have moved on.

I wrote the following in last years Virgo Full Moon post, and it reads just as true today:

The Pisces/ Virgo axis is that area where we work so hard for absolute perfection that we forget all about moderating duty and pleasures. It is also this axis where we project our own imperfections (or perceived limitations) onto those around us. It is where we discriminate and where we are completely indiscriminate.

In dealing with the detail, and breaking that detail into more detail, and more again, we lose sight of what it means when it’s put back together. We lose sight of the whole, and we lose sight of the possibility. Pisces can show us the horizon, but we can’t see it if we’re waiting until things are perfect and finished and complete before we look up.

I’m trying to deliberately step back and declare things to be good enough, accept that I can’t be perfect, that my work isn’t perfect, my routine is not perfect and my mood is far from perfect- and acknowledge that I can’t do it all, I don’t have to do it all, and I don’t have to take it all onto my shoulders…self martyrdom is such a Virgo shadow thing to do.

Doing it for yourself

Where 22 Virgo 13’ (or thereabouts) falls in your chart is where you seek perfection, idealise perfection, worry about the niggly concerns that mar what would otherwise be perfection. Your balance can be found on the other side of the chart- at 22 Pisces.

It’s also where you need to learn to embrace things the way that they are, in all of their textural imperfections. It’s where you need to learn to let it be.

Doing it for yourself…

For a refresher of the steps, check out this post or click onto the Full Moon pic on the side-bar.

Where is this happening for you? 22 Virgo is in my 7th house and it is almost exactly conjunct Uranus in my chart (22 Virgo 37’). If you read the solar return I posted the other day, you’ll have noticed that transiting Uranus is at 22 Aries 34’ exactly conjunct my Solar Return Ascendant (22 Aries 38’). I suspect that this will absolutely mean something, but given that we’re talking about Uranus, I’m not entirely sure what that will be.

If you’re not sure where this is for you, check out the info below, and refer back to Series 1 of the Toolbox for pointers on what each of the houses means.

  • If your Sun or Ascendant is in Pisces, this Full Moon falls in your 7th house. Look to the 1st for balance.
  • If your Sun or Ascendant is in Aries, this Full Moon falls in your 6th house. Look to the 12th for balance.
  • If your Sun or Ascendant is in Taurus, this Full Moon falls in your 5th house. Look to the 11th for balance.
  • If your Sun or Ascendant is in Gemini, this Full Moon falls in your 4th house. Look to the 10th for balance.
  • If your Sun or Ascendant is in Cancer, this Full Moon falls in your 3rd house. Look to the 9th for balance.
  • If your Sun of Ascendant is in Leo, this Full Moon falls in your 2nd house. Look to the 8th for balance.
  • If your Sun or Ascendant is in Virgo, this Full Moon falls in your 1st house. Look to the 7th for balance.
  • If your Sun or Ascendant is in Libra, this Full Moon falls in your 12th house. Look to the 6th for balance.
  • If your Sun or Ascendant is in Scorpio, this Full Moon falls in your 11th house. Look to the 5th for balance.
  • If your Sun or Ascendant is in Sagittarius, this Full Moon falls in your 10th house. Look to the 4th for balance.
  • If your Sun or Ascendant is in Capricorn, this Full Moon falls in your 9th house. Look to the 3rd for balance.
  • If your Sun or Ascendant is in Aquarius this Full Moon falls in your 8th house. Look to the 2nd for balance.